Allstar Legion: Quick Walkthrough and Strategy Guide For Beginners

First of all, this isn't DOTA, DOTA 2 or WOW, although the Heroes in the game looks similar to those games, the game mechanics aren't. Here, you'll need to form teams or groups of heroes to fight for you, unlike DOTA that you just need to focus on 1 Hero.
Allstar Legion General In-Depth Guides -

Sorry Gamers, there are no available in-depth guides for this game at the moment.

Allstar Legion Beginner's Guide -

   - Once you see this, check it out because it needs your attention.
   - Look for this "Red Dot" every after battle to check your progress, or to claim a reward. Note that new mission quests won't unlock until you claim the reward first.

   - Follow and complete your Mission Quests while doing Battle Campaigns to give you ideas on what to do next. No need to rush, just reach what you can with your current team, if you can't advance, stop and refer to the "Once You Hit A Wall" section below.
   - Complete to get various rewards. Note that some mission quests will not appear until you visit the "Mission" screen.

Daily Activities
   - A must to do tasks to level up your Team Lvl.
   - Complete what you can to get various rewards.

   - Deluxe Lunch: Check the given time and claim your Free Stamina during that time. Note: Missed rewards can't be reclaimed!
   - Midas Touch: Unlocked at Team Level 12. Do this only once a day to get the Team Lvl EXP. If you're lucky, you can get criticals that will multiply the value of the Gold received.
   - Enchanting Equipment: Do this only once your Hero reached Purple+. Check and prioritize stats that is important for that Hero first, especially weapons. Unlocks at Team Level 20.

Other Freebies

   - Monthly Sign-In Rewards:
   - Sign-in everyday to get awesome rewards, especially the free Hero of the month.

   - Mailbox (in-game):
   - Here you can claim your Login Rewards, Arena ranking rewards, Event giveaways, and other Freebies.

   - Treasure Box - Bronze Chests:
   - Do not waste your Gold for Bronze Chests, just use your "free chances" for some extra items, and to complete the "Happily Exhausting Draws" Daily Activity. Spend your Gold into more useful options like upgrading skills.
   - Once you have too many excess Gold mid to late game, "Buy 10" Bronze Chests isn't a bad idea. This will give you some free heroes, gears including purple, Hero Soul Stones and more.

   - Treasure Box - Gold Chests:
   - Just get the free Gold Chest after the cool-down timer (about 2 Days). Your first one has a high chance to draw a nice Hero, add and level this Hero up for your main team early game.

   - If you are a heavy or casual Diamond user, get the "Buy 10" to get 1 guaranteed Hero as a bonus. For Free 2 Play gamers, earn your extra Diamonds for this one.

- Battle Campaign Mode (Normal/Hard) -

Continue the tutorial until you get all starting 5 Heroes, just reach what you can with your current team. Do this while following your Mission Quests or Daily Activities.

Stages with 3 Stars
   - Getting 3 Stars will unlock the Auto Pilot feature for Normal Battles, and the Sweep (required sweep coupons) option.
   - Normal Battles: EXP is evenly shared to all Heroes who joined the battle.
   - Sweep Battles: No hero EXP, but you'll get EXP items that you can use to any Hero you choose.
   - Both Battle types will require Stamina. EXP and drop rates are almost the same.

Once You Hit a Wall (Get Stuck!), Here's Some Tips To Do:

   - 1) Increase Team Level
   - Team Lvl is the most important aspect in the game. It will unlock new features and strengthen your Heroes by lifting up their Hero Lvl and Skill Lvl caps. It also increases your Max Stamina for more gameplay time.
   - Get Team EXP from battles and daily activity completion rewards.

   - 2) Increase Hero Levels
   - 2nd most important aspect in the game because it lifts up the Lvl cap of Skills, and will greatly increase skill damages. Stats will also increase depending on the Stats Growth of the Hero.
   - You can also check the levels of your enemies by tapping on their portraits in the stage info screen, before the Hero selection screen.

   - If one of your Heroes is maxed, you might want to switch that Hero to one of your lower leveled Heroes to level him/her up too, especially when doing replays at lower stages. To effectively level up a new front line Hero, you might want to use a healer, or just feed EXP potions instead.

   - Maybe some questions running through your mind:
   - "Are my starting 5 Heroes worth leveling?
   - "Are they strong late game?"
   - "Should I ignore my starting 5 Heroes and wait for better Heroes to level instead?"

   - Here are some tips to ease your mind:
   - Don't underestimate your starting 5 Heroes, most of them are very useful early to late game! ^^

   - AS: A team healer and can convert 1 enemy to your side. Treat her well, and you'll see what I mean. Very useful for Burning Crusade teams.

   - DR Check the Arena rankings and you'll still see players using her because of her crit attacks, useful debuff and team buff skills.

   - Zeus: Although he is kinda weak at first, still level him up. He is still ok for Burning Crusades early game due to his AoE damages and energy regen.

   - Lina: Powerful single and AoE attacks, useful for added DPS. HP is kinda low so replace her with someone better at higher levels. Lina will come back late game once she gets her 5th skill.

   - Coco: Still useful early game, use him until you get a better Front line Hero. His first 2 skills can stun enemies, use his Ulti right after your enemy casts a skill to cancel that skill. Similar to Lina, Coco will come back as one of the viable tanks late game.

   - Don't just focus on 5 Heroes, you need a 2nd Team Heroes too to help you out in Burning Crusade Mode (only Lvl 20+ Heroes can be used), so it's ok to level them up.

   - Fights with special conditions: There are battles that requires more Physical or Magic Heroes, and even female only battles!
   - Get all Heroes that you can, this way you can create teams that suits your gaming-style!

   - 3Upgrade Skills
   - Ultimate Skills can be activated when the Energy bar is full. It is filled when your Heroes attacks, gets attacked, or if they will do last hit kills for +300 Energy bonus.
   - Note: Energy and Hp Regen only triggers between waves or battles.
   - Other skills activates automatically during battle.

   - Which Skills to Upgrade?
   - All of course to make your team strong, but which ones first? Focus on your main 5 Heroes, then work on the next ones.

   - Here's some tips:
   - Skills that can buff stats or heal the team.
   - AoE (Area of Effect) Skills that can do massive damages to all enemies are also great.
   - Massive single attacks, especially with high crit chance!
   - Disability skills like stun, upgrade them to keep their success chances high.
   - Front line Heroes can easily activate their Ultimate skills because they get hit a lot. Depends if the Ulti is useful though, if your tank's role is to just to absorb damages ("ex: SNK"), then it's ok to lightly upgrade Ultimate skill.
   - or any skill you think is good, the point is, there's nothing wrong if you are upgrading skills.

   - 4) Farm Gears and Advance Heroes
   - I'm sure you are wondering if which heroes to promote more? I'll say all that you can, focus on your main 5 Heroes, then work on the next ones.

   - Green +: means a gear is available for the Hero to equip, or item is ready to synthesize.
   - Yellow +: means a gear is available but the Hero's Lvl is too low to equip the item.
   - None +: means there are no available gear for that Hero. Tap to check where to farm the item/s needed, tap on the map or stage name again to automatically take you there, if it's accessible.

   - Advance your heroes to make them stronger (will add stats from gears) and to unlock new tier of skills.
   - Promotion Tiers:
   - White > Green Green+1 > Blue > Blue +1 > Blue +2 > Purple > Purple +1 > Purple +2 > Purple +3 > Purple +4 > Orange

   - 5) Farm Hero Soul Stones
   - Team Lvl 11: Hard Chapters will be Unlocked.

   - Farm Soul Stones to get more Heroes by completing a set of Soul Stones.
   - I recommend you farm them all, since they are only available to farm trice a day. This is also a nice way to spend some of your excess Stamina.

   - Hard Stages: When farming Soul Stones, the chance is just around 33%, so other players do this: Once they get 1 Soul Stone, stop farming on that stage, this is because most of the time, once you get the Soul Stone, it will never drop another.

   - Heroes to Farm First? Here's some tips:
   - Farm all Heroes that you don't have yet, yes others are somewhat harder to earn, but keep on going while you have the time (Note: the limit is only 3 times a day per stage). It's better to have them even if they turn out weak (might get a buff in the future).
   - Recommended Hero to Farm: SNK (great front line hero after purple).

   - Evolving Heroes
   - If you already have the Hero, Soul Stones will just be used as Evolution Materials, farm them together with the others if you have extra Stamina to use. For now, focus first on getting more Heroes and upgrading your main Heroes' Lvl and Skills.
   - Evolving Heroes will increase their Stats Growth Rates. Best done late game for your core Heroes.

   - Optional: While farming Soul Stones for new heroes, you can also farm some Soul Stones that will give quick evolve to your 1 Star Heroes like AS, DR, and others you might like.

The Best Way to Spend Gems for Free Players -

STAMINA! (50 Diamonds for 120 Stamina)
   - Yes, it's the best way to:
   - get more Heroes by farming Soul Stones.
   - boost Team or Hero Levels.
   - get more Gold for upgrading skills.
   - and to Advance Heroes by farming the items needed.

   - Even if you can't play much everyday, at least buy 120 Stamina per day.
   - Note: F2P gamers can only do these once a day, unless you are a VIP gamer.

Hand of Midas: Do this only once a day to get the Team Lvl EXP.

The "Buy 10 Gold Chests" Option
   - Well, this is kinda hard for F2P gamers because the required Diamonds is somewhat high, it's better to spend Diamonds to Stamina and farm Soul Stones to get specific Heroes early on then just earn your excess Diamonds for this as you go on. Aim for the first draw to get a nice bonus hero.
   - For VIP gamers, this feature is a good way to spend some extra Diamonds, especially early game. It is still luck based though but you will probably get at least 1 new Hero.

The PVP Arena! -

PvP Arena Unlocks at Team Lvl 10
   - A nice place to get Diamonds, Gold Coins, Gladiator Gold for the Arena Shop, EXP items, and more.
   - Note: Only use your Gladiator Gold for Heroes Soul Stones.

   - Fight teams with lower Battle Rating than yours to get a higher chance of winning. Free Diamonds will be rewarded depending on the difference of your current rank to the next one.
   - The key is to form a team that works together. Mix, match, and experiment to find what suits your defensive and offensive playing style.

   - If you can't win anymore, you an still purposely lose fights to complete the "Arena Fans" Daily Activity.

   - Check the Rules to see the rewards you can get with your current Rank.
   - Also check the reset time, and the time when they will finalize the rankings and send the Arena rewards.

   - Use the time and increase your rankings before they finalize the rankings, this way, you'll get better chance of getting more rewards.

Arena Ranking List
   - Check the "Ranking List" to see what other players are using, observe and learn some Hero combinations and ideas here.

More Early Game Unlockables  -

After Chapter 2: Merchant Unlocked!
   - A place where you can sell your loots, just sell the ones that pops up.
   - If you have extra Gold, buy some here in-case you'll need the items for later use, especially EXP potions.

Team Lvl 14: Caverns of Time
   - A nice place to farm EXP potions and Gold.
   - Select available stage, then check the levels of your enemies here first to see if you can beat them.

   - Note: Never sell your EXP Potions or EXP Items!
   - Although it's tempting to sell them for Gold Coins, especially early to mid game, I would still recommend that you keep them for later Lvls, for your core or other Heroes.

Team Lvl 20: Equipment Enchant
   - Like what I've stated above, do this only once your Hero reached Purple+. Check and prioritize stats that is important for that Hero first, especially weapons.
   - Never Enchant before Advancing, or else, you'll just waste a lot of Gold. All Stats from Item Enchants will NOT carry over after the Advancement, only the base stats of the items equipped.

Team Lvl 25: Hero Trials
   - A nice place to get useful items and more, start after you get your Heroes to around Lvl 30.
   - Customize team according to what you need: To counter Magical/Physical Immunities or to fulfill the requirement of the stage.
   - Check the tip above the hero selection screen to get an idea.
   - Mind the time limit per wave, sometimes it's best to barrage them with skills whenever you can.

Team Lvl 30: The Burning Crusade!
   - The best way to earn lots of Gold, especially if you can reach and complete 15/15 Stage to claim over 500,000 Gold! Plus, it doesn't require Stamina to play.
   - Focus on creating multiple Teams for this Mode, one of the challenging features in the game.
   - Use your Heroes and skills wisely per stage!

   - No After Victory Rewards!?
   - But you can open chests every after battle. Rewards can be Gold, Items, Soul Stones and also a chance to instantly acquire Heroes!
   - Rewards increases depending on your current Team Level.
   - Purple Chests gives Crusade Points that you can Redeem. Again, only spend them on Hero Soul Stones!

Congratulations! If you reached this point, then I hope you already know what you are doing. Gold Coins, Stamina and Diamonds shouldn't be a problem, since you already know where and how to get them.

More in-game features will unlock once you reach higher levels, Good Luck and Happy Playing! ^^

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