Gods Rush: How to Complete Gauntlet Stages 15/15 Sweep

Here a simple guide on how to defeat the Gauntlet stages in the action strategy RPG multiplayer online game - Gods Rush. Below guide will show players some strategies or ideas on how  to sweep all 15/15 stages in Gauntlet Mode, using some early game Heroes and other recommended Gods to help you out.

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- Core Team For Beginners: Lvl 32 to 50~ish -

Example Core Team for Beginners

1 Front Line Hero
   - Also known as Tanks.
   - Any front line hero you have with decent HP pool, the more tank heroes you have, the better!
   - Upgrade and level them up even if you were able to get better front line Heroes from other sources.

   - Hiring a Mercenary (from Guild): Hades!

If you don't have Hades, hire him from your Guild Mercenary Camp feature ("hire with Gold only").

   - I highly recommend hiring Hades because of his magical shield that can absorb damages and turning it into HP!
   - Do this option once you run out of tanks. Hades can heal himself by using his Ulti, if he needs more HP, use Chryseis' Ulti to keep Hades alive.

   - If your guild doesn't have a Hades that you can hire, then you'll have to rely for now on your available tanks plus any Hero that you can hire, then reach what you can. Check the stats of the mercenaries at your guild before hiring them, a nicely upgraded Hero is what you want.

   - There are more Heroes that you can hire with nice skills too like Hercules which is great after purple, or even Hecate!
   - Experiment and discover more ways.

3 DPS Heroes
   - Also known as damage dealers (DPS = Damage per Second or Strike).

   - Any DPS heroes you have.
   - If you were able to summon Atalanta, Hera, Hecate, Pandora, Medusa, or any Hero that can dish massive damages and/or do crowd control, then replace according to your preference.

1 Support Hero
   - Chryseis: A great Hero for Gauntlets because of her massive team Heals, make sure to max her Nature's Gift skill all the time.

- Key Points for Winning Gauntlets: Lvl 32 to 50~ish -

General Hero Leveling
   - As much as possible, keep your 5 core Heroes' levels even to each other.

General Gear Equips and Evolution
   - I suggest you evolve most of your Heroes to Blue first.

   - Farm and equip all available Gears that you can get from your currently unlocked Stages, if you have them all, slowly unlock more Stages in Battle Mode to get the next set of Gears. Focus on your Core team then the others.

   - Gears with Hp and Rage Regen are also good, because they will still activate after every battle, pretty useful to sustain Rage before the next battle, especially for Chryseis.

General Skill Building
   - Most of your Gold should be invested on upgrading important skills of your Heroes, upgrade whenever you can. Do not let the gap between your Skill Lvls and your Hero Lvl to widen, or else you'll be having a hard time vs well upgraded teams with the same avg Lvl with yours.

   - For more info on which skills to prioritize per Hero, go here: Skills List for All Front, Mid and Back Heroes

Unlock or Summon More Heroes!
   - Believe me, just continue playing the game and new Heroes will pour in from unexpected sources, like from free Chests, Events, Rewards or other Freebies, and more.

   - The reason why you need more Heroes is because some Gauntlet Stages ("if you are unlucky"), especially at higher levels, are insanely hard to complete because of the Lvl gap, so you'll need more Heroes other than your core 5 team. The more useful heroes you have, the better.

Item Enchants and Ascends
   - This should be done at least after "Purple". Enchant stats that are important to your Heroes, especially weapons, or any items that can help you regenerate more Rage.
   - Only Enchant after Promotion, not before.
   - Just ascend Heroes that you can while progressing through the game.

Guild and Available Mercenaries
   - Some Guild will require you to apply, but others will let you instantly join them.
   - Join a guild with a good number of players, if you can't find any "open to all" Guild, go to the World Chat then find Guild IDs there. Enter the ID using the Search option under Guild feature.

   - Most probably, you might want to hire a Front line Hero, Hades is highly recommended early to mid game because of his Ulti, well if your guild has him though, and make sure the Lvl of Hades isn't above your current Team Lvl to hire.
   - Hecate is one of the best heroes for Gauntlet mid to late game, hire her if you can.

Battle Tips
   - Hitting your opponents will also let them regenerate Rage, so if you fired most of your AoE but most of them are still alive, expect Ultis to come at you. To prevent this, use stun, silence, or knock back to interrupt their skills, time it well. Killing them before they do will also do the trick.

   - For the first few stages, fill up your Heroes' Rage bars. Swap Heroes with full Rage to let the others ready their Ultis too.
   - Do not use Ultis, if there is only 1 enemy Hero left (unless you want to heal), save them for the next stage and use that remaining Hero to pump up your Rage bars. Preserving rage is the key here, so try to keep your Rages high.
   - Try to kill multiple enemies with your Ultis to instantly regenerate Rage.

   - If one of your heroes dies during battle or if you are at a disadvantage, hit the pause button then "Retreat" to exit the battle and lose nothing. If the Pause button isn't available, just close the game app before the battle ends!
   - You can use this to try other strategies you have in mind.

Preparation Before 50+
   - Take your time and farm Gold that you can here before entering 50+ .
   - From 50+ the above strategy will still work as long that Hades and Chryseis can withstand damages.
   - If not, get 2 Hades (get one using Points + Hire), use multiple tanks or get Hecate (can tank too).
   - Prometheus, Cassandra, Pandora (or any control), Chryseis, and Hecate works best after Lvl 50.

- Gauntlet In-Depth Analysis -

Team Lvl and Your Top 5 Heroes' Avg Lvl and Total Power

   - Don't hesitate to increase your Team Lvl, actually I highly recommend that you boost your Team Lvl so that you can hire Heroes with higher Lvl than the avg Lvl of your team.

   - This idea will give you a lot of advantages especially if you can increase the gap more between your top 5 Heroes average Lvl and your Team Lvl. Yup, I strongly believe (based from experience and experiments) that the game will randomly choose your Gauntlet opponents based on the Average Lvl and Total Power of your Top 5 Heroes, with 90% chance that your opponent's avg Lvl will not go above your top 5 Heroes' avg Lvl, this is common for Gauntlet runs especially at early Lvl 32 to 40ish, but once you reach higher levels, it's different.

   - Example: From the starting stages (1/15 to 10/15) of Gauntlet, your opponent's avg Lvl is below your top 5 Heroes' avg Lvl, but once you enter 11/15 and above, their avg Lvls and even Total Power will start to spike up!, forcing us to play multiple Teams at some point.
   - Yes, at some point while sweeping Gauntlet, the difficulty will suddenly rise up, even around 7/15.

    - Note that the above examples might change in the future because Gauntlet difficulty will also depend on the developers of the game. Sometimes they will make it easier (reduces the number of stages that enemy team's avg Lvl is higher), but if they think it's too easy, they will make it harder (11/15 to 15/15).

   - Another Note: The game will randomly choose your opponents from Arena setups. Yes, because sometimes you will encounter:
   - teams that has less than 5 Heroes, but avg Lvl is still lower than yours.
   - teams with high Lvl Heroes but accompanied by low Lvl ones.
   - teams similar to yours, oh wait that's you! Lol ~ Yes, it is possible to battle your own Arena team setup.

   - Note that Arena Rankings doesn't have any effect on Gauntlet difficulty, especially for high Lvl players.

Proving a Point: Gauntlet and Team Lvl

   - Focus more on increasing your Team Lvl, but purposely under level your Heroes.

   - Example: Your Team Lvl now is 42, and your Top 5 Heroes have an avg Lvl of 27. If you enter Gauntlet, the game will generate a team with an avg Hero Lvl of around 26 and below, and 35 and below at 11/15 to 15/15.
   - Next, just hire a nice Lvl 42 Hero to help you easily sweep all Gauntlet stages ~ LOL!
   - It is possible to just use one Lvl 42 Hecate to sweep all Gauntlet stages (1 vs 5), using this strategy ~ XD!

  - Anyway, if you play a lot, this will not be the case because it is most likely that your Top 5 Heroes' avg Lvl is somewhat close to your Team Lvl, so the chances of you winning, depends on your overall number and quality of Heroes, team build, Power, and your wisely picked Mercenary.
   - Just try to give a gap to gain some advantage, the more, the better.

Lowering Battle/Dungeon/Campaign Team's Power Before Gauntlet
   - Tested with Lower Lvl and Higher Lvl accounts:
   - Result = Doesn't affect Gauntlet difficulty!.

Lowering Arena Ranks Before Gauntlet
   - Tested with Lower Lvl account:
   - It does have a little impact maybe because the range of low Lvls is wide, thus the game has a higher chance to select weaker or stronger opponents based from your rank position.
   - All opponents' avg Hero Lvl is still lower than me though, the only difference is their difficulty or let's say Total Power.

   - This is What I Think:
   - Example: The range of Lvl 30 to 35 (avg top 5 heroes) is around ranks 10,000 ~ 40,000 including you. If you boost your Arena rank above 10,000, it is most likely that your Gauntlet opponents will get stronger because the game will select your opponents from around near 10,000, where teams are better in terms of Total Power but still have lower avg Lvl than yours.
   - This might also be the reason why some players experience easier Gauntlet opponents after lowering their Arena Ranks, because the game will target and choose opponents from around near the 40,000 rank (example above).

   - Tested with High Lvl account:
   - Doesn't matter because even if you lower your rank to 100,000, the game will still select opponents from your range (based from your avg Lvl of top 5 Heroes). At higher Lvls the range of high Lvls is small, so it is possible that you will encounter the same teams per day, or even your own team!

   - Good Luck Guys! ^^

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