Wind Runner: How to Get High Scores and Win Leagues

Here's a quick game guide on how to set high scores and win weekly world league or leaderboards, in the very addictive fast paced Android, iOS, and Facebook game - Wind Runner.

The very reason why you should participate is because this is one of the fastest ways to get free rubies in the game, especially when you are able to reach the higher leagues. Rubies are very useful to unlock Ruby-only Characters, Mounts, and Pet Slots.

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- Compete in the Weekly Leaderboards! -

50 players with similar scores will be placed in a random group, then they will compete against each other for the personal achievement. This will last 7 Days (ex: from Mon 12:00PM ~ Sun 11.59PM).

   - The World League groups are assigned every Monday from 12AM to 12PM (PST) so your scores during this time will not apply to your World League rankings.

Recommended Placements for All Leagues:
   - Try to aim the suggested positions below and reach the required Score for Promotion (only visible 2 to 3 days before the expiration time). Always remember, If you reached top 1, try to keep your next scores below that, do not increase it further to make your next Leagues easier.

   - Bronze League:
   - Aim 1st to 5th, but I recommend top 1 (4 Rubies), should be easy once you unlock and upgrade a Mount early game.

   - Silver League:
   - Aim 1st to 5th, but I recommend top 1 (5 Rubies), should be easy once you unlock and upgrade a Mount early game.

   - Gold League:
   - Aim 1st to 10th, but I recommend top 1 (6 Rubies), 5th position (5 Rubies), or 10th position (4 Rubies). Why? because the positions mentioned are the best ones when it comes to Rubies and Scoring limitations, note that the more you increase your Scores, the harder your next League will become.

   - Platinum League:
   - Aim 1st to 10th, but I recommend 5th position (5 Rubies),  Top 1 is good but I won't recommend it because it will require you to get higher Scores, 5th is a good position so that you'll be grouped to easier players when you reach the Master League, plus some nice Rubies. Also, make sure to pass the required Score to advance to the next League. If you can't, try to break it next time.

   - Master League:
   - Your aim here is to avoid getting demoted to the lower League, stay here as long as you can to get awesome Rubies.
   - I recommend 5th or 10th positions to avoid getting grouped with heavy Ruby or fully upgraded players after every Master League, make sure to pass the required score to retain to this League though.

- How to Set High Scores -

Step 1
   - Gather Boosters from your friends via Facebook send/receive gifts option. Do not claim them yet, just earn up to 50 Mystery Gifts. Only Accept all gifts after Step 2 below to earn lots of Boosters, hopefully at least 2 of each item, especially the "Relay Booster".

   - Go to their official Facebook Page and comment a nice "Add Me" to add more Wind Runner players. Feel free to use the comment section below too.
   - Send gifts to your friends every 6 hours (gifting cool-down), to get more chance to receive some too.

Step 2
   - Practice using all the Shoes available, treat this as a warm up for the real deal. If you think you are ready, claim all the gifts. If you think the free Boosters aren't enough, skip the instructions here and gather more gifts instead, after that, claim them all then proceed to Step 3.

Step 3
   - It's time to set a high score, make sure to equip your best scoring Character, Mount, and Pets for this, Good Luck!

   - Please note that your scores will highly depend on your personal performance, type of Characters, Mount, and Pets with their current Lvl upgrades, and bonuses for completing certain conditions like evolving Mounts and maxing Character Lvls.
   - For more info about this stuff, I recommend reading this guide: Quick Walkthrough Guide for Android, iOS, and Facebook

   - Keep on practicing, and learn the patterns until you feel that the whole map is just looping around from where you started.

- Tips for Winning Leagues -

   - For the first few days, just farm Gold and upgrade all that you need. Ready up your team for getting high scores later on. The real race will start 3 to 2 Days before the expiration time.

   - A lot of players are doing this trick, the last minute instant ranking. They will just farm Gold but they are still keeping an eye on the top ranking scores. They don't want to participate right away to observe what other players can do, and to avoid setting very high scores.
   - Why not set a very high score? It's because after the League, you will be grouped to players with similar scores, so the higher you score, the more difficult your next League will become.
   - Note: This is more effective if you are confident enough that you can top all scores in your current League.

   - Next, for the last 24 hours of the league, they will start to gather free boosters from friends, similar to the Steps given above. For the last hours or minutes of the League, here they will start to sky rocket their ranks to top 1 or at least top 10 by using Booster items.

   - The aim is to set the minimum score required to beat the top 1 or any rank they want. This is to keep their scores low to avoid getting grouped with heavy Ruby users.

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