Pororo Penguin Run: FAQ, Walkthrough, Tips, Tricks and Strategy Guide

Pororo Penguin Run is an action and arcade endless running game presented by mocoga, available on Android, iOS, and Windows Phone devices. Race with adorable characters across loads of fun tracks, from ice palaces, through snowy villages and many others!

Here's a quick walkthrough and strategy guide for the fast paced game Pororo Penguin Run that will help you run, jump and fly your way across Pororo's delightful world, collecting stars and coins on the way! Join the adventure for free today! Brought to you by an award-winning team.

Pororo Penguin Run Quick Tips, Walkthrough and Strategy Guide -

Starting the Game: Get a Nice Helper Early Game!
   - Go to the Change Helper Section then spend your free 50 Gems to get a random Helper. Aim for the 3 Rare Helpers below to get higher bonuses like Coins Gain per run and more important, the Double Jump ability.
   - Rare Helpers with Double Jump Ability: Nyao, Harry, and Old Clock.
   - If you were not able to get any of the above recommended Helpers, reset the game. Warning!, resetting the game will erase all your current progress, proceed only if you really want to follow this recommendation, or if you want to start fresh.

For Android Devices
   - Go to Settings > Apps, then look for the Pororo Penguin Run Game App.
   - No need to uninstall the game, just hit "Clear Data" then go back to the game for a fresh start.

For iOS Devices and Windows Phone
   - Re-install the game, or try to find a reset method similar above, without uninstalling the game.

Freebies and Optional Tasks
   - Go to the Shop section (Green " + "Icon at the upper right corner of your game screen).
   - Here you will find some optional tasks that will reward you Coins and Gems. Connect your game into the Internet then complete all tasks that you like.
   - Log-in everyday to gain more rewards too!
   - Optional For Gem Users: Buy the Coin Doubler at the Shop to easily buy and complete all Coins based game features like Characters and Upgrades.

Start Running!
   - Ready then Start your runs with Pororo, do not buy any Booster Items or Upgrades for now, conserve your Coins for later. Free Booster items from rewards will be automatically used on your next run though.
   - Focus on getting more Coins to unlock more game features later on like new Characters.

   - 1 Run will spend 1 Heart, wait for 10 minutes to refill a Heart or ask your Facebook Friends for more (connect the game with your Facebook Account).

   - Follow the Tutorial to learn how to play the game, here are some quick tips for you while running:
   - Learn which objects to grab, and which objects or obstacles to dodge.
   - Note: If you have the recommended Helper above (Step 1), don't forget that you can do Double Jumps, this is a very useful ability to make sure you can successfully dodge or escape groups of obstacles.
   - Collect all stars along the way to fill up the bar below your game screen to 100%, this will activate Flight Mode where you can collect all Coins and bonuses without any obstacles.

   - Try to dodge some of the mushrooms to avoid getting blinded.
   - If you got "Iced", quickly tap your screen to unfreeze your character.
   - If you crashed, do not use "Saves", earn your Gems instead for later use.

Complete Challenges While Running
   - Pause the game to check your current challenges, follow and complete all Daily and/or Weekly Challenges to receive bonus rewards like Boosters, Coins, and Gems. Try to complete them all before the time expires.

Leveling Up Your Character
   - Spend Hearts and fill the bar at the upper left corner of your game screen to level up. Leveling Up will refill all of your Character's Hearts, plus a 1,000 Coins bonus. This is the fastest way to earn Coins early game if you don't have the Double Coins ability.

Buy a 2nd Character to Increase Play Time!
   - Earn Coins then buy the cheapest Character, probably the 20,000 Coins - Rody. This Character has an additional 2.0 Seconds for the Magnet Upgrade, plus a new set of Hearts that you can play with (12 Total Hearts).
Buy a 3rd Character
   - Keep on earning Coins, then buy the next cheapest Character available to extend your gameplay further. Probably it's Tong-tong (35,000 Coins), an orange tuxedo-wearing dragon.

Upgrading Skills
   - Getting the other Characters might take a while, so it is better to stick to your 3 Characters for now. Choose your favorite Character among the 3, then start upgrading the duration of his or her skills.

   - The Skills in this game is pretty straight forward, no need to think which skill to upgrade first, just upgrade them all as you progress through the game.

Getting High Scores
    - Use the Character you chose above for getting High Scores, try to run as long as you can to increase your High Scores and Coin gain per run. Once you have enough Coins, you have 2 choices:

   - Option #1
   - Buy a new Character then upgrade his or her skills. I prefer Poby the Polar Bear at this point because of his bonus Invincibility +2.0 Secs. This is a nice duration bonus since most of the time, you'll get lots of Invincibility Skill (Red Car Skill).

   - Option #2
   - Buy an Extra Life booster before your run to further increase your High Score. Connect your Facebook account and brag your Scores to your friends or rivals. Good Luck!
   - Note: You can also use your extra Gems for saving your Character after a crash to continue your run and further increase your High Scores, this is very optional though.

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