Ragnarok: War of Gods: Full Support Priest Stats and Skill Build

       This Priest build will focus on using all magical support spells to help your party defeat enemy mobs or bosses in the game with less hassle. Your main job as a Full Support Priest is to make sure that your party will survive all fights!

       Refer below to determine which stats and skill build is best for your playing style. This is build highly recommended to players that doesn't have any network problems like game delays or lags.

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- Full Support Priest Stats Build -

Understanding Ratios:
     - Example: INT 3 : 2 VIT means for every 3 INT, you should aim for 2 VIT.
Example: If you have 60 INT, you should aim for 40 VIT, or if you have 20 VIT, you should aim for 30 INT.

     - Note that Ratios doesn't need to be exact always. Allocate the way you want it.
Example: Go for 30 INT first then go for 20 VIT next, so in the end, you still have 3 INT : 2 VIT ratio.

Main Stats to Focus On:
     - INT: Increases your Magic Attack damage output, Heal, and Max SP pool.
     - VIT: Increases your Max HP (plus higher HP Regen while sitting), and reduces
Physical damage received (after calculating Defense).

Main Stats Allocation: Target Ratios and Builds
*Note: Builds are based from Skills, and Stats from equips/items that you will get later.
Choose what you think is best for your playing style, time and in-game money.

     - [ PURE INT ] Stats Ratio
     - Has the highest Heal value available with high SP pool (plus higher SP Regen).
     - Relies to spells, equips and items for survivability.
     - Holy Light will get massive Holy damage output too!

     - [ INT 7 : 3 VIT ] Stats Ratio
     - An optional build that has high Healing value with better survivability.
     - VIT is mainly for surviving more hits from monsters that respawns right in front of
your face!, giving you more time to heal yourself and your teammates. Sometimes, game delays and lag kills!, and this stat paired with Angelus will save you a lot, especially when your Heal is lagging too!
     - Pretty useful for mobbing monsters for your full AOE party!
     - If you are comfortable with your Health damage intake (Around 20~30 VIT), stop
and pump all your points to INT to boost up your Heal.
Full Support Priest Skills and Spell Builds -

Base Skills to Get: (FS Priest Build)
     - Note that these 2 builds requires heavy partying to level up faster. Your role is to
support other players, but if you followed this Battle Acolyte Build, use a Stat Reset item too then follow the FS Priest Stats build above and the following skill set.

     - Heal Lvl 10
     - Blessing Lvl 10
     - Angelus Lvl 10
     - Resurrection Lvl 2
     - Teleport Lvl 3
     - Increase Agi Lvl 10

     - Total = 45

Optional/Alternative Skills:
     - Cure = Depends on where your party will grind most of the time.

Base Skills to Get: (FS Priest + Holy Light Build)
     - Heal Lvl 10
     - Blessing Lvl 10
     - Angelus Lvl 10
     - Resurrection Lvl 2
     - Teleport Lvl 3
     - Increase SP Recovery Lvl 3 = To unlock Holy Light.
     - Holy Light Lvl 5 = Your main Holy attack spell.

     - Total = 53

Optional/Alternative Skills:
     - Cure = Depends on where you or your party will grind most of the time.
     - Increase Agi

     - If you reached the Cap for Job Level!, the rest is up to your personal
preference now, you have the base skills that you needed most anyway.
     - If you want to reset your skills, use the "Flash Stick" item (free after job change,
get from Daily Spins or Buy in the Cash Shop).

- Stats to Get from Equips, Cards and Pets -

Damage/Heal Output!
     - (MATK +) = More Holy attack Damage or Heal value = The more, the better.
     - (INT +) = The more, the better!
     - (MaxSP +) = The more, the better!
     - (Neutral ATK +%) = For FS Priests that wants more Heal value. Players by
default are considered Neutral in element, so cards like this will work well.

     - To effectively use your Holy Light skill, refer to this Elemental Property Guide.

     - (MaxHP +) Health Points = Stop if you are comfortable with your damage intake.
     - (DEF + ) Physical Defense = The more, the better.
     - (Element Resistance +%) = Get what you can (depends on your grinding areas).
     - (MDEF +) Magic Defense = Just get what you can.

       I recommend that you check the "Auction Machine NPC" (buy and sell
market), Weapon/Armor/Accessory Artificer NPCs (item crafting), Cash ShopEvent Manager, and Rankings for sample items and their stats.

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