Ninja Fishing: Quick Walkthrough, Upgrades and Strategy Guide

       This game guide will cover the Tranquil Sea in Ninja Fishing, the first area where you can start fishing. Learn the Basics and train to catch more fish species, treasures, and more!. Master this sea to unlock more islands!

       The upgrades sets below will focus on getting faster Gold gain for more upgrades, while giving a good balanced chance to collect some treasure chests. Treasure Chests will sometimes give Gold or a full load of fishes when opened. Treasure items are optional though, just get what you can.

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Quick Walkthrough and Upgrades Guide -

Tips to Remember While Playing:
     - Follow the Tutorial at the start of the game.
     - You can re-cast your line through the pause game option.
     - Boats: Dinky Fishing Boat or Twitboat. Any boat will do, item
collection is optional anyway. If you are done collecting all treasure items under a specific boat, change to a new one to get new collection sets.
     - For more info about Treasure Chests and Items, go to this link:

Descending Tips
     - You can stick to the sides then use your Drill (powered by Fuel)
to get pass through fishes, that might interrupt your hook. Simply avoid getting contact with their heads, it is ok to pass through their tails and body though.

Ascending Tips
     - Catch as many fishes as you can on the way up!

Recommended Upgrades: Shop In-Order!
     - Katana: Hattori Blade
     - Lines: Line Upgrade (125m)
     - Weights: Weight Upgrade 1
     - Fuel: Fuel Upgrade 100
     - Lines: Line Upgrade (200m)
     - Weights: Weight Upgrade 2
     - Fuel: Fuel Upgrade 125

     - Special: Hook Upgrade (35) = Increases Gold Gain!

     - Katana: Sakabato Blade
     - Lines: Line Upgrade (300m)
     - Fuel: Fuel Upgrade 150
     - Weights: Weight Upgrade 3

- New Obstacle: Sea Mines! -

New Descending Tips
     - Sea Mines will appear after reaching 300m, avoid them!
     - Test your skills, go to the middle and avoid the fishes!. To
make it easier to dodge, just think of this: "avoid hitting their eyes", they are very distinguishable that's why. Don't forget to use your Drill too!

New Ascending Tips
     - Keep your hook at the middle to avoid those sea mines!
     - Use Drill if you have extra Fuel to hold the line and get more
expensive fishes at the bottom area. Tilt device to move your hook while holding the line.

Recommended Upgrades: Shop In-Order!
     - Lines: Line Upgrade (400m)
     - Fuel: Fuel Upgrade 200
     - Weights: Weight Upgrade 4

     - Special: Hook Upgrade (50) = Increases Gold Gain!
     - Katana: Zabuza Blade
     - Special: Sales Guide = Increases Gold Gain!
     - Lines: Line Upgrade (500m)
     - Weights: Weight Upgrade 5

- New Environment: The Dark World! -

New Descending Tips
     - Same as above, but this time, you must buy the special item
Deep Sea Lantern to illuminate  the area when reaching beyond 500m.

Ascending Tips
     - Same as above.

Recommended Upgrades: Shop In-Order!
     - Lines: Line Upgrade (600m)
     - Special: Deep Sea Lantern
     - Katana: Muramasa Blade
     - Weights: Weight Upgrade 6
     - Lines: Line Upgrade (800m)
     - Weights: Weight Upgrade 7

     - Special: MBA Diploma = Increases Gold Gain!
     - Lines: Line Upgrade (900m)
     - Weights: Weight Upgrade 8

     - Special: Speed Upgrade = Increases Game Speed by 25%.
Note that this is a very optional upgrade, if you are having a hard time getting to the bottom (treasure chest area), don't buy it for now. If you did, just take your time to get used to the game speed, use Drill to help you out too.

     - Lines: Line Upgrade (1,000m)
     - Weights: Weight Upgrade 9
     - Lines: Line Upgrade (1,200m)
     - Weights: Weight Upgrade 10
     - Lines: Line Upgrade (1,400m)

     - Try to catch all fish species!, refer to this depth guide to help
you locate all the rare ones: Tranquil Sea Depth Chart - Location and Fish List

- To The New Worlds! -
     - If you were not able to complete all fish species at this point of
the game, continue and buy the remaining "Weight Upgrades" to help you get them all, but if you were able to catch all fish species, it's time to earn 90,000 Gold for your new boat, the "Time Machine".

     - This boat will unlock the Dinosaur Island, a new world where
new fish species can be found!. Go there once you have the Time Machine, you may re-equip other boats after, if you still need to complete some collections.

Recommended Upgrades: Shop In-Order!
     - For all New Areas:
     - Just alternately buy Lines and Weights until you complete all
fish species, or you can also skip some Weights for some challenge, example: Line 1 > Line 2 > Weight 1, then alternately buy Lines and Weights.
     - Skip the last 2 or 3 Weights if you can complete all fish
species in the area.

     - Farming Gold for Upgrades:
     - You can go back to the previous area to farm quick Gold for
your new upgrades, but only until you reach beyond 600m~700m mark in the new area. Good Luck! ^^

     - If you need a new boat, buy the Crimson Dragon Boat to
collect Dragon Relics. Collect at least 3 Dragon Relics to summon the Dragons!

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