Ninja Fishing: How to Successfully Get Treasure Items - Slashing Guide

       To get Treasure Items, Gold Coins, or a Full Load of Fishes in Ninja Fishing, you must first get a treasure chest out from the bottom of the sea. Wait for the chest to pop out then focus only on slashing the chest to make sure that you'll get what's inside it.

       To successfully get these treasure items, follow the recommended slashing methods below. Note that treasure items that you will get at random will depend on the boat you have equipped.

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- Slashing Treasures and Collectible Items -

Slashing Treasure Chests
     - Easy, just slash it non-stop! Push it upwards to isolate it away
from those pesky dynamites. You can get either a Treasure Item, Gold Coins or a Full Load of Fishes.
     - Upgrade your Katana to reduce the number of hits required.

Slashing Treasure Items
     - You must successfully break the item to claim it!
     - Some items will require more hits than others.
     - Upgrade your Katana to reduce the number of hits required. If
the item is too easy to break after a few hits, just slash it non-stop next time you see it again, if not, follow the method below.

     - There are so many effective ways to break an item, but I find
the below method much better because it will just require less effort and it's a "slowly but surely" way to get the item, very useful especially when new items pops out!
     - Your aim is to make the item bounce up and down!
     - Simply slash the item lightly to make it go upwards (once
only!), do not let it out off screen because gravity has a role here too, the more you let an item go down, the faster it will drop!
     - Let it float or bounce and wait for it to come down, then
lightly slash it again upwards. Repeat the 2 steps above until the item breaks, should be very smooth and easy.

Other Info:
     - If you already have the item, you may ignore it to focus more
on slashing more fishes (optional).

     - All Treasure Items have the same equivalent Gold value when
successfully slashed, just like fishes.

     - Collection Sets will not give any reward after completion, just
treat it as an achievement feature in-game. If you are done collecting all treasure items under a specific
boat, change to a new one to get new collection sets.

     - Watch out for those nasty bombs inside treasure chests!

     - Shipwreck Cove: A very nice location to hunt treasure items!

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