Hungry Shark Evolution: Giant Crab Location and How to Kill Them

       The Giant Enemy Crabs or Crab King can be found inside it's Lair located at the left most section of the map. Just open your "Basic Map" then look for the dungeon entrance gate.

       You will encounter a Giant Crab inside and if you will be able defeat it, it will be replaced by a bigger Crab next time you enter the Lair. As for rewards, you can get a good number of Coins and Gems per Giant Crab.

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Recommendations Before the Fight

Shark Choice:

     - I highly recommend a maxed out Megalodon to make things easier. Level up
Megalodon to increase it's HP pool, and Max it's Bite, Speed, and Boost, especially Bite to increase your damage. Speed and Boost will help you dodge attacks.
     - Megalodon is also immune to poison. Yes, you can find some Jelly fishes inside
the Crab Lair, blocking potential HP sources!
     - It can travel fast into the Crab's Lair, even on-land!
     - Although Megalodon is quite big, the Lair is wide enough, don't worry.

Optional Equipment:

     - Crab Fork: You can also buy this item to increase your damage against Crabs.
     - Equipping Energy +% accessories will also help you survive the battle.
     - Buy any item that you think is best for your playing style.
     - Optional: Get a Baby Megalodon to increase survivability.

More Tips:

     - You must go straight to the Crab Lair if you want to hunt these Giant Crabs. If
you have long delays, you'll suffer a faster "HP degeneration" overtime.
     - Right before entering, make sure that you have a good amount of HP or Stamina.

Recommendations During the Fight

Food Sources:

    - Blob Fish
     - Upper right, upper left, lower left and top most area of the Crab lair.
     - Some are covered by Jelly fishes!

     - Tuna
     - Tops most area.

     - Crab and Other Fishes
     - They don't restore enough HP or Stamina but they are everywhere.

Recommended Tactics:

     - Try to end the fight as fast as you can.
     - Do not let your Energy go down 40%, use the list above for food sources.

     - How to Defeat the Giant Crabs (In-Depth Guide):
     - Upon entering the Lair, locate the Giant Crab then go at the top most area of the
lair, right above the target Giant Crab. Stay there then do the steps below.

     - Start to move downwards, toward the Giant Crab then quickly boost upwards
when it starts to attack with it's pincers (left and right attacks). Note that bigger Crabs will have wider attack range, so learn the range of your target to easily dodge all attacks.

     - Provoke an attack then successfully dodge it's "Pincer Attacks" 3 times in a row
to expose it's weakness. The Crab will get tired and will rest for a brief amount of time, this is your chance to attack, refer below to learn how to attack.
     - When the Giant Crab's back starts to glow, quickly move all the way down and
perform a Boost Attack to deal a massive damage!. A Green glow means that the Giant Crab's HP is full, Orange means around 50%, and Red means your very close now in winning the fight.

     - After your attack, quickly go back to the top area to avoid retaliations. Repeat
the above steps again. For Giant Crab 3 and above (future updates), do not chase them after your attack because the room is not wide enough for both giants, just move up and down to lure and provoke another attack. They have wide range anyway right?

Other Info:

    - A maxed out Megalodon can defeat the first 3 Giant Crabs in 3 Hits, less if you
have Crab Fork equipped.
    - By doing the steps above, you can end the fight under a minute.
    - Summary: What I did is, right after entering the lair, provoke and flawlessly dodge 3 times in a row then use Boost attack when their back is glowing. Get some Food if needed then repeat. For Giant Crab 3 and above (future updates), stay at the center area because it has better area space.

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