Ragnarok Online: Valkyrie Uprising: How to Earn More Zeny - Farming Guide

       While playing, Zeny is one of the main keys to progress quickly through the game. It is used for purchasing potions, equips, and other useful items to improve your character's overall attack and defensive capabilities.

       Spending lots of money will slow your Zeny gain, but it's ok as long that you spend them wisely!. To earn more, you have to save more!. Purchase equips that you think you will be using for a longer period of time.

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- Start Earning Zeny! -

Quests Rewards!
     - Complete Main or Sub Quests to get rewards and free Zeny.
     - Repeatable Quests: Just get what you think is easy for you to complete.
     - Event or Gold Coin Quests: Compete them twice a day to earn more free Zeny.

Early Game Recommendations:
     - Do not farm early game because Zeny from monsters and items are too low.
Focus on leveling up by doing quests until EXP gain feels really slow.

     - While leveling up, start disassembling Grade 2 (green) or Grade 3 (orange/yellow)
equips that you don't need. Earn 20 pieces then sell them at the Auction Machine around 30k to 40k, depending on your server. Blessing Runes are higher, around 10k each.
     - Sell Grade 1 (white) equips and common Monster Loots to NPC shops.
     - Sell Grade 2 (green) or Grade 3 (orange/yellow) equips that is worth above
1800 Zeny to NPC shops, otherwise, disassemble them.

     - If you want to sell an item, browse the Auction Machine and check other player's
prices for that item first to get an idea before registering. Always price it at least 1 Zeny cheaper than the others to make it easier to sell.

Suggestions for Beginners:
     - Increase Bag Slots asap to carry more pots, monster loots, and more. Refer to
this link to learn How to Optimize Your Inventory Slots.
     - Equip a Mount. At least get the 15 Gold Coins Peco Peco at the Event Manager
for faster movement/runs.
     - Use Butterfly Wings, buy them from consumable merchant NPCs.

Mid to Late Game Recommendations:
     - Just continue what you are doing, and once you reach the next grade of Runes,
check their prices at the Auction Machine then adjust all the prices above.

     - Once your reach Mino Mano and Valder areas, Zeny gain will spike up around
20k to 200k per run, more if you have good equips for easy farming and some luck.

- Farming Zeny - Solo or Party -

Farming Runs - Equips and Other Items
     - Solo: Take Note Current Zeny > Buy Pots > Farm Certain Monsters > Sell Loots
> Check Current Zeny. If you are happy with the increase, keep doing more runs, otherwise, try other monsters (depends per job class).
     - Try to find a place that will not burn lots of Potions and have high drop rates.
     - Note that VS or higher rank monsters gives better grade items.

     - Party: More people in a party also increases drop rates!
     - Example Farming Party: AOE Wizard/s, a mob tank and lurer, and a healer.

     - MVP/Elite/VVVS Boss Hunts: Try to defeat these monsters to get rare items!
Most of them can be found inside Instance Dungeons. Notable Boss Drops: Rank 4 (purple) Armors, Weapons, Cool Headgears, Cash Shop Items, and more!

Farming Rough Oridecons and Rough Eluniums
     - Most of them are dropped by VS/VVS/VVVS Instance Dungeon monsters.
     - Do not Refine your Rough Oris or Elus because Pure ones are non-tradable!

Farming Tokens, Ornaments and Jewels
     - Most of them are dropped by Instance Dungeon monsters.
     - Players would like to buy them too for crafting equips, especially items that can be
found at higher level dungeons. Check Auction Machine for prices.

Farming Cards NEW!
     - After the Valder Patch, you can now farm Disguise R4 Cards (Critical +4) for
accessories from VVS Disguise, the map location is just below Valder. Hurry while the demand is high and before the prices goes down!. From the start, I was able to sell a lot of these cards from 400k each until the prices went down to 50k each Lol, because a lot of players are unaware and they just ignored VVS Disguises. You can still farm them though, new players will need these items too.
     - Find monsters that drops good cards too. Keep this in mind for future updates.

Increased Drop Rates!
     - For best results, always take advantage in-game events like increased drop rates!

- Earn More Zeny: Auction Machine -

Buy and Sell Items
     - Sell Runes, Cards, Equipment, and other items that you think players would like.
     - Wisely do buy and sell to get Zeny, more if you are lucky enough to find items
that are priced very cheap than it's average price!.
     - Always check the Auction Machine to familiarize yourself with the prices.

Other Tips
     - Check the Auction Machine before crafting VS items, you can find cheap VS
equips there, even cheaper than the item's crafting fee!

     - Do not put cards into a clean equip just to increase the worth of that item!
Most players prefers clean uncarded items.
     - Make sure that you equip awesome cards into your awesome equips, if not, the
price value of those items when you sell them will go down, than what it should be. More players would also love to buy it if you did good!

Learning the Economy NEW!
     - Prices goes down or up depending on the demand of players. For example:
     - When player reaches the Lvl Caps, prices of Rough Elus and Oris will start
to go down (around 10k/set) because they won't need it anymore, but when the Cap is lifted and new Weapons and Armors are out, these high level players will now start to horde lots of Rough Elus and Oris, so I suggest that before the cap is lifted, buy all cheap Rough Elus and Oris then sell them around 100k/set after the cap!
     - Tokens, Ornaments and Jewels are good examples after a Lvl cap is lifted,
farm them then sell to the Auction NPC. Check all Artificer NPC sfor new weapons and armors (materials needed). Some would even buy them 50k~100k a piece!

- Luck Based Zeny Sources -

       If you feel lucky, you can also try these luck based Zeny sources. The risk the high
but the rewards are great. Good Luck!

Compounding Cards
     - Compound cards to get a random card. If you are lucky, you might be able to
get some expensive Grade 2 or 3 cards. Check the Auction Machine for sample prices.
     - Go here for more info on how to compound cards: Card Composition Guide
     - Do not sell any Rank 3 cards to the NPC, try to sell them around 5k to 10k to
other players or the Auction Machine. Other players would want them for Compounding Rank 3 cards too.

Crafting VVS or VVVS Items
     - Only craft items that your character can equip or use. If you are lucky, you will
be able to use VVS or VVVS items, then sell them to the Auction Machine once you are through with it.
     - Go here for more info on how to Create or Craft VS/VVS/VVVS Items.

Over-upgrading Equips 
     - Same as above.
     - For more info, go here: Weapons and Armor Upgrading Guide.

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