Tekken Card Tournament: Law Deck and Cards - Heal Build

       This Law deck build will focus on using his Heal cards to keep his HP up while dealing decent damages into his opponent. With little luck, you might never lose any battle that cannot overcome your defenses and healing power!

       Law is a powerful all-rounder and a master of the counter-attack. If used well, it can be deadly.

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- Recommended Cards: Law Heal Deck -

Your Target Rare Law Power Card:
     - Any rare Law Power Card!
     - First, Buy 3 Common Law Power cards then upgrade
to get it's Uncommon version. Always remember to use Fusion! to save Gold.
     - Refer to the links below this guide for more useful guides!

Recommended Common Cards
     - You should aim for the Common versions of your preferred deck.

Recommended Uncommon Cards
     - You should aim for the Uncommon versions of your preferred deck.

Recommended Rare Cards
     - Shaolin Spin Kicks (Unique) = Attack
     - Dragon Claw (Unique) = Attack
     - Fury Fist Rush (Unique) = Attack
     - Dragon Judgment (Unique) = Attack
     - Dragon Back Blow (Unique) = Attack
     - Headlock Drop (Unique) = Attack/Tenacity
     - Junkyard Kick = Prot
     - Elbow Spring Kick = Heal/Attack
     - Dragon's Descent = Heal/Attack
     - Dragon's Fire = Heal/Attack
     - Dragon Knuckle = Heal
     - Dragon's Flight (Unique) = Draw/Attack
     - AB Cruncher = Draw/Attack
     - Rainbow Kick (Unique) = Draw
     - Dragon's Tail (Unique) = Draw/Attack
     - Blind Elbow Combo = Discarder/Attack

- Sample Law Heal Deck -

Law Keep Alive Deck! (No SR Cards)
     - x3 Elbow Spring Kick (Rare) = Heal/Attack
     - x3 Dragon's Descent (Rare) = Heal/Attack
     - x2 Dragon's Fire (Rare) = Heal/Attack
     - x2 Junkyard Kick (Rare) = Protection/Attack
     - x1 Backflipper (Uncommon - Unique) = Buff Cards
     - x1 Dragon's Flight (Rare - Unique) = Draw/Attack
     - x2 AB Cruncher (Rare) = Draw/Attack
     - x1 Card of your Choice!

Deck Summary:
     - Dragon's Descent cards to keep you alive!
     - Some Protection cards to cut your opponent's damage output.
     - A unique Buff card to increase all your card's Hit by 5.
     - Draw cards to get more Heal Cards.

Sample SR Card to Get:

Other Law Deck Builds
     - Law Deck and Cards (Links Here Soon!)

Note: Even if you have all the cards above, wins will still depend on your experience
playing the game, strategies, positioning, and more! Good Luck!

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