Temple Run 2: Quick Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

       Here's a simple strategy walkthrough guide for your Temple Run 2 game app. Play with the new environment, obstacles, powerups and achievements!

       Learn what abilities to upgrade and powerups to use here to quickly progress through the game.

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- Quick Game Controls -

Normal Runs
     - Swipe Up: Jump
     - Swipe Down: Slide
     - Swipe Left or Right: Turn (can also be used in mid air or while sliding.)
     - Tilt Device to the Left or Right: Change Lanes (can also be used in mid air or
while sliding.)

Inside Mines
     - Swipe Down: Duck
     - Tilt Device to the Left or Right: Change lanes or stay on a lane.
     - Swipe Left or Right: Turn

Other Helpful Tips
     - When things gets a lot faster, concentrate on the path and ignore some upcoming
Coins to stay alive! This is pretty helpful for completing some objectives or when you are in the mines.
     - Before getting Powerups in mid air, check if you can land on a safe place first!
     - If you run into a cliff, you can quickly jump then tilt your device into a safe place.
     - Avoid getting tripped, if you did, you will lose all Points from your Power meter
and you will not be able to jump for a few seconds.

- Level Based Walkthrough and Objectives Guide -

Around Lvl 1 to Lvl 5
     - Do your objectives till you reach Lvl 5.
     - Farm Gems and Coins while running unless an objective requires you not to.

     - For now, only use Gems and Head Starts for completing objectives!

     - Notable Objective - Run Without Collecting Coins.
     - Just remember to tilt your device to avoid those Coins. Do not use the Coin
Magnet Powerup too!
     - Notable Objective - Power Collector: Unlock a 2nd Powerup.
     - Simply unlock Scarlett Fox (5,000 Coins).

     - Unlock and start using Coin Magnet Powerup at Lvl 5.
     - This will boost up your Coin gain per run. Focus on farming Coins to quickly
upgrade your abilities and Powerups!

Upgrades Progress
     - Coin Value: Max this as soon as possible to get double Coins after 1,000 meters
and triple Coins after 2000 meters!
     - Coin Magnet: Upgrade to increase duration.
     - Power Meter: Upgrade to use your equipped Powerup more often.
     - Pickup Spawn: Do not upgrade for now to easily complete objectives related to
"No Powerups Use".

Around Lvl 5 to Lvl 7
     - Notable Objective - The Spartan: 1 Million without Powerups.
     - Start upgrading your Save Me and Score Multiplier to any point that you like until
you complete this and all upcoming task. Make sure that you will not use or get any Powerups while doing this task. Getting Gems and Coins would be fine though.
     - Only use Save Me if it will only require 1 Gem to conserve your Gems.

     - Notable Objective - 10k Runner: Run 10,000 meters.
     - Use Shield or Boost Powerup. Upgrade them too if you want.
     - Save Me will greatly help you here, continue upgrading this.

     - Notable Objective - Minor Miner: 100k Coins: Just farm them through runs.
     - You should have a maxed Coin Value and at least upgrade Lvl 3 Coin Magnet
and Power Meter at this point of the game.

     - Notable Objective - 5 Million Club: Score 5M Points.
     - Continue upgrading Save Me and Score Multiplier until you complete this task.

     - Notable Objective - Jackpot: Collect 5 Gems in one run.
     - Start upgrading Pickup Spawn to at least Lvl 3 or 4.
     - If you got 3 Gems in a single run, start using your Save Me if you want because
you might get 2 more Gems if you are lucky.

Around Lvl 7 to Lvl 9+
     - From this point on, your objectives will become too slow to complete because
they require huge numbers!

     - Notable Objective - Circumnavigator, Gold Miner and All Upcoming 
Life Time Points!
     - Farm and use your Gems to boost your progress.
     - Use Boost Powerup to quickly reach 2,000 meters to get triple coins. Coin
Magnet will do just fine too to complete Coins related Objectives.
     - Boost will also help you finish the Circumnavigator objective and other similar
objectives. Use it also to save your character from "unavoidable situations" by activating it right before you land or hit a river, a large spiked wood trap or any object or place that will end your run.

Upgrades Progress
     - At this point of the game, you should be close to maxing out all of your
abilities except for the Head Start. Some abilities will require 50,000 Coins to upgrade, so upgrade what you think is best for your gaming style.
     - Upgrade Head Start after maxing all abilities then earn Coins for this.

- Reaching High Scores -

     - At Lvl 9, you can now start farming lots of Gems using your Gem Bonus
Powerup. More Gems will generate higher Scores by using the Save Me option!
     - I recommend using Boost Powerup!
     - Again, you can use this Powerup to save your character from "unavoidable
situations" by activating it right before you land or hit a river, a large spiked wood trap or any object or place that will end your run.

Upgrades Progress
     - Max Score Multiplier to increase your Points gain per run.
     - Max Save Me, Power Meter, Pickup Spawn to boost up your High Score.
     - Max Shield Duration and Boost Distance to keep you running without worry!
     - Max Head Start to use your extra Coins.
     - Note that your High Scores will greatly depend on your performance.
     - Practice a lot and break your own or your friends' High Scores Good Luck!

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