Temple Run 2: How to Complete Jackpot: Collect 5 Gems in One Run

       The Jackpot Objective will show up around Lvl 7, depending on how you progress through the game. Similar objectives related to collecting Gems will come around at early levels too but they can be easily completed.

       Jackpot will require you to collect 5 Gems in one run! to learn how to increase your chance, refer to the guide below.

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- The Jackpot Objective -

Objective - Jackpot!
     - Unlike the previous Gems missions, this one will require a little luck to complete.
     - Collect 5 Gems in one run to successfully complete this task.

The Requirements
     - Start upgrading Pickup Spawn first to at least Lvl 3 or 4. This ability will not
only affect PowerUp's spawn rate but also Gems! This will greatly increase your luck.

     - The Save Me ability is also a recommended ability to upgrade. Upgrade this to
reduce the amount of Gems needed per Save Me and to conserve your limited Gems.
     - If you got 3 Gems in a single run, start using your Save Me if you want because
you might get 2 more Gems if you are lucky.

     - For Powerups, Just use Shield to protect you while running.

       This guide will only help you halfway through, so from here on, the success of
this mission will greatly depend on your own performance! Good Luck!

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