Samurai vs Zombies Defense: How to Play Pachinko and Win More Rewards

       Pachinko is a mini game feature of Samurai vs Zombies Defense that will give you a chance to collect random game items for your upgrades, heals, revives, and more.

       To Start playing Pachinko, follow the screenshots below for locations, targets and accurate lever positioning for better results. Good Luck!

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- How To Play Pachinko -

The Pachinko Machine and Balls
     - To start, tap on the pachinko machine and ball located at the lower right area of
your game screen. Refer to the screenshot above for location.

     - To be able to play the machine, you need to have a good number of Pachinko
Balls first. You can get them from Daily Rewards, Enemy Drops, Wave Rewards,
Bonus Stages and more.
     - Swipe down to Pull the lever and launch a Pachinko Ball!
     - Aim for the center to spin and win Prizes! Prizes include Coins, GLU Credits,
or Gems, Revives, Sushi, Tea, and Charms!
     - Try to put all your Pachinko Balls inside those Blue labeled circles below.
Aim for the center spin and those flowers below it (gives Coins).

- How To Win More Rewards -
     - The more balls you have in play, the higher the Multiplier. Increase the Multiplier
to x5 by launching balls as fast as you can to win more rewards from Spins, and Coins from the Flowers!

Lever Positioning
     - The speed of your Pachinko Ball will depend on how you position your lever.
Too high will likely move your ball to the left area, and too low will likely move your ball to the far right section of the Pachinko interface.

     - What you want is to put all Balls inside those Spin located at the center. To learn
how, check the sample screenshot below for better lever positioning. This will land most of your Pachinko Balls at the center. Try to do this faster, keeping the same position or close to the one below.
     - Play if you have a good number of Pachinko Balls to take advantage of the x5
Multiplier (around 50, 100 or higher). Best to use every after the 10th waves.

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