Torchlight II: How to Get the Iron Sword from the Notch's Mine

       The Iron Sword is a blue rare weapon item that drops in Act 3 in "Notch's Mine" dungeon. This is a very good weapon item for pet lovers or minion summoners in Torchlight II. It's very difficult to find though because the entrance of the mine rarely spawns.

       This cool weapon is also known as the Minecraft "Easter Egg" item because it looks pixelated!, just like the game Minecraft.

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- Location of the Secret Dungeon: Notch's Mine -

Act III: After the Alchemist
     - Proceed through the game till you unlock the "The Rivenskull Gorge", north of the
Imperial  Camp.
     - Enter The Rivenskull Gorge and continue on to the Sundered Battlefield map.
This is where you  will find the elusive Notch's Mine. Make sure to activate the Waypoint nearby after entering.
     - Go to the northwest area (Gravedeep area) of the map to check if the Notch's
Mine is present!  Refer to the sample map screenshots below for it's location. Press "M" to view a full map of your current location.
     - Note: The northwest area varies depending on the generated map, but the location
of the Notch's Mine should be the same.

The Tricky Part!
     - If the Notch's Mine is not there, you must re-roll or refresh the map!
     - To learn how to re-roll a map, click here: How to Replay Maps?
     - Re-roll the map, use the Waypoint to Sundered Battlefield, then check again if the
Notch's Mine is present. If not, then keep on re-rolling until it appears.

Inside the Notch's Mine
     - Here you will encounter these pixelated creatures (Minecraft "easter egg") and the
treasure chest that contains the Iron Sword!....or the Diamond Sword.
     - If you are so unlucky, and no Iron Sword came out from the box, then you will
need to re-roll again. Keep the Diamond Sword for your other characters though.

     - If you want a higher version of the Iron Sword, let's say level 100, reach NG+
or higher then hunt them again. The stats are the same but with higher DPS value.

Note: You might need to update your Torchlight 2 to it's latest version or patch to enjoy this
guide. Some skill description and game features are different compared to the original version. If you like this PC game, please support the software developers by purchasing the game!

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