Pockie Ninja II Social: Legion Building and Recruitment Guide

       Progress through the game and unlock the Legion building where you can recruit ninjas from your friends' villages. Fill up all the slots by asking your friends to join your Legion of ninjas.

       Refer below to learn some tips on how to build your Legion and how to recruit ninjas. Note that the only way to gain ninjas for your Legion, is through the help of your friends in Pockie Ninja II Social.

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- The Legion Building and Upgrades -

       Invite friends to create Legion and defeat rivals to win reward. Legion victory may reward a
Red or Golden ninja. Good luck!
     - Higher level means means better chance for best ninjas! Check the Legion upgrades below.
     - Legion Lvl 1 to 3 (left)
     - Legion Lvl 4 to 6 (center)
     - Legion Lvl 7 to 9 (right)

       Upgrading your Legion building will unlock more slots and will increase the levels of
required ninjas, thus giving you a longer time to create a full Legion, but it will give you better rewards and higher chance to get awesome ninjas.
     - Honestly though, even at Lvl 9 the chance of getting a Golden ninja is pretty low, but it is
still possible. Just keep on trying!

       After a successful Legion battle, all participating ninjas (their owners) will get some rewards
and you will get a specific Legion reward depending on the level of your Legion building.
     - You have to wait for the cool-down timer to hit 00:00:00 to be able to create a new Legion.

- The Recruitment Guide -

       Recruiting ninjas for your Legion will depend to the number of friends you have and how
active they are. If you have a few active friends, try to comment to any of our PN II Social guides with an "Add Me" comment to get some friends.

     - At certain levels, you and your friends will have to complete a task that requires you to join
any Legion. This will give your Legion a good chance.
     - Try to level up your village above your friends' levels to get the first few slots when they hit
the "Friends" button. Most players does't want to scroll too much to look for friends to help.
     - Put your Legion building at the left most area for better performance.
     - Join up to 3 Legions per day. This way, they might join yours too!

Just For Fun
       You can also use your decorations to attract your friends on joining your Legion.
     - Try the below designs in your own village. ^^

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