Pockie Pirates: Underwater Treasures and How to Get Salvage Ropes

       To unlock the underwater or undersea treasures, just progress through the game in the first island until you meet Chopper. He will guide you on how to hunt treasures with some free salvage ropes. Refer below to learn how to get more salvage ropes and more.

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- Underwater Treasures Guide -

       Explore the underwater to gain in-game items to help your crew's overall growth!
Click the icon similar below to enter the underwater interface.
Requirements for Salvaging Treasures
     - Treasure Salvage Ropes or Gold to gain an underwater treasures.
     - Note that each location will have different number of requirements. Better locations will
increase the chance of getting better items.
     - Treasures gained will be at random.

- Underwater Treasures -

Training Potions
     - Can train crew quickly on the training interface.

Call-Up Items
     - Alternative items for convening crew in the bar, instead of Silver or Gold.

EXP Cards
     - Use to increase a specific crew's EXP points. Unavailable to protagonist.

Silver Cards
     - Obtain a number of Silver.

Warship Upgrade Card
     - An alternative item for upgrading warship, instead of Gold.

Shell Chests/Shells
     - Random shells for Embedding (equip in gears) and Synthesis.

Salvage Ropes
     - Alternative for salvaging treasures instead of Gold.

- How to Get More Salvage Ropes -

       To get more treasures without using any Gold, you will need collect some Salvage Ropes.
     - You can get some free ropes from Chopper after the tutorial.
     - Chance item from underwater treasures.
     - Reach at least 50 liveliness from the Login Rewards screen. Click the Secretary Tab.
     - Rewards from Quests.
     - Rewards from in-game or off-game events.
     - and more!

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