Pockie Pirates: How to Get More Crew and Bar Recruitment Guide

       To get more members for your crew and warship, you need to level up your protagonist to unlock more slots. Go to the nearest island bar next and talk to the bar owner to open the recruitment interface.

       You can find different professions, character grades and  unique skills here. Find a companion and choose the one you think is best for your crew and strategies.

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- Bar Recruitment Guide -
       Click convene to start recruiting comrades. They will appear randomly. The quality of
potential recruits depends on the convene method you chose. higher convenes will have higher requirements. 

     - Convene: certain odds of obtaining high level crew member.
     - Advanced Convene: Higher odds of obtaining high level crew member.
     - Super Convene: Super Higher odds of obtaining high level crew member.

       Alternatively, you can also use Call-Up items to convene crew in the bar, instead of Silver
or Gold. To learn more, refer here: Underwater Treasures and How to Get Salvage Ropes

Important Note!
       Right after clicking any convene crew button, quickly take note of their name's color
before they flip over! The higher the better, refer below.

     - Blue: Quality B
     - Purple: Quality A
     - Orange: Quality S

       Now, you will choose in random, click a card to flip.
     - If you want continue flipping cards, you will need to spend Gold! I recommend to spend
Gold only if you got a Purple (A) or Orange (S) characters. Higher grade characters are story mode characters that cam be seen from the One Piece episodes!
     - Higher grade characters will also have powerful unique skills that can't be discovered

     Recruit to add them to your crew. For starters, recruit a profession that is not yet present in
your current crew. If your crew number is full, You can't recruit anymore.
     You need to Fire an existing crew to recruit another one. Check the stats of the potential
recruit with your lowest crew and compare their profession, quality, stats and more.

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