Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM: How To Play or Duel - Player's Rule Book

       At the start of the game, Yugi will give you a brief tutorial on how to navigate around the game and how to duel with your monsters and spell cards. Follow and complete the tutorials to better understand the guide below.
       This guide will walk you through the duel phases to show how and when monster effects and spells activates.
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- Player's Rule Book to Dueling -

Note: Refer to the screenshot above.
     - CH1-MC = Channel 1 - Monster Card Zone
     - CH2-MC = Channel 2 - Monster Card Zone
     - CH3-MC = Channel 3 - Monster Card Zone

     - CH1-SC = Channel 1 - Spell Card Zone
     - CH2-SC = Channel 2 - Spell Card Zone
     - CH3-SC = Channel 3 - Spell Card Zone

- Draw Phase -

     - Marks the beginning of your turn.
     - Draw cards until you have three in your hand card slots. The card/s you didn't use from the
previous turn will remain in your current hand cards.

- Main Phase -

     - In this phase, you can do various things like:

Shuffle Cards: 
     - If you are not satisfied with your current hand cards, hit the Shuffle button on the right
to get 3 new cards. This will cost you 15 energy points though so use it only if you really need to.

Get Help From Friends:
     - Click on their portrait and select GET HELP during Duel.
     - Let your friend give you a health boost or hurt your opponent.

     - Equip them to the available slots or targets.
     - Power-Ups are consumable items, once used, they are gone. Use them wisely!

Place Monster and Spell Cards:
     - You can place 1 monster and 1 spell card in each Channel.
     - Example: Placing a Spell card in CH1-SC will affect all CH1 slots except if it says otherwise.
     - Provided they have been played in the current Round, you can swap Monsters and Spells
from your Hand to the Field, at any point before you hit BAM.

- The BAM Phase -

     - Battle Phase starts after hitting the BAM button. So what happens when you hit BAM?
     - Thanks to Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM for providing a very detailed chart.
     - Follow the numbers from top to bottom to know which will go first.
     - Effects are ordered from (top to bottom) - (left to right). Example: Immune All will go first
before Boost All at Round Start.
     - Note: Immune All and Immune All [Type] are not the same. Similar effects applies.


- End Phase -

     - Marks the end of the turn or end of round.
     - Some Spells placed on channels activates their effects if certain conditions are met.
     - Return to the Draw Phase above to start a new turn.

     - The duel ends when one player has 0 Life points or when you surrender.

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