Pockie Pirates Tips, Tricks, Game Help and Info

       Here are some tips, tricks, game help and information for the game Pockie Pirates - NGames' online browser based RPG game.

       The game offers a newbie tutorial on how to navigate around the game, complete tasks or quests and more. Just follow and click what Chopper asks you to do.

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- Game Basics and Info -

What is a Protagonist?
     - The main character in the game - "You!".

     - At the start of the game, you'll have to choose a profession for your protagonist. All of them
are strong in their own unique way, so choose what you think is best for your playing style.

Great Swordsman
     - Physical ATK: 5/5, Magical ATK: 1/5, Physical DEF 4/5, Magical DEF: 2/5, Speed: 2/5
     - Physical ATK: 4/5, Magical ATK: 1/5, Physical DEF 3/5, Magical DEF: 2/5, Speed: 5/5
     - Physical ATK: 1/5, Magical ATK: 5/5, Physical DEF 2/5, Magical DEF: 4/5, Speed: 2/5
     - Physical ATK: 1/5, Magical ATK: 4/5, Physical DEF 3/5, Magical DEF: 4/5, Speed: 3/5

Character Profile
Gold (500): Used to purchase premium items and for using special game features.
     - Obtained through Flip Lottery, Gold Cards, Gift Boxes, Top-ups (real cash) and more.

Prestige (929): A requirement for enhancements like "Aptitudes", "Develop Growth" and more.
     - Mainly obtained through rewards from Battles.

Silver (102670): used for purchasing items, upgrades, enhancements, training and more.
     - Obtained by completing quests, battles, redeeming Silver Cards, fishing and more!

Vitality (105/130): Consume 1 point each combat in the battle.
     - Recover 1 point every 30 minutes. Use Vitality Potions from Login Rewards and more.

Bounty (11,000 Silver): Accumulated points from completing story line or side quests.
Level (10): Your character's current level.
Affiliation (Green Emblem): You current affiliation changes after choosing West or East Pirates.

Early Bonuses and Rewards
     - Click the Gift Box next to your character profile to get your rewards.
     - Click the "Bounty" icon at the center of you game screen for more rewards!
     - Open your "Growth Gift Box" from your Backpack every 10th levels.
     - Click the "Login" icon at the center of you game screen to claim your Login Rewards. Be
active everyday to claim all 7 Login treasure chests.
     - Liveliness: Click the "Secretary" tab next to "Login Reward". Try to reach the 50, 100 and
150 thresholds per day to gain the rewards.
     - As you progress through the game, more sources will be unlocked!

- How to Complete Quests, Battles and Stages -

Quest Icons Above NPCs

- (!) means a new quest is available.
- (?) means you have accepted the quest and is under progress.
- (?) means you have completed the quest. Click the NPC to claim
your reward.
Auto Path-Finding
     - A user friendly feature to make your adventure easier. Click
the "Seek" button next to your quest window to automatically move your character to the next destination.

Quest/Task Track Window

- Click the (+) or (-) above the "Seek" button to show
or hide the task track window.

Current Tasks: Mostly story line quests that must be
done to advance through the game. To complete story line quests, simply enter the portal to the battle map, then attack the ships until the seek button shines!

Available Tasks: Side quests that gives extra rewards. Always check this section for new quests. You can cancel quests by clicking the X button.

Tracking Side Quests
     - Refer to the pic above, read "Nami's request" task.
     - Attend: name of the battle area where you need to go after entering the portal. If you can't
find it, you are in the wrong town. Also check the name of the Elite Battle.
     - and Defeat: name of the ship that you must attack after entering the battle area.
     - "Available Tasks" often requires you to attack a ship multiple times or gather quest items.


- Progress Treasure Chests (Flip Lottery) -

Progress Tresure Chest
     - Reach 40% Completion and 100% Completion in a battle area.
     - Rewards: Gold, Traning Potion, Silver or Gears (No Rings)

Perfect Stage Treasure Chest (Perfect Completion)
     - Must get all stars in a battle area.
     - Rewards: Gold, Traning Potion, Silver or Gears (With Rings)

How to Get All Stars?
       You need to win all battles in a battle area with 3 stars rating. To do this, you need to defeat
your opponents without taking a certain amount of damage.
       While in battle, look at your HP bar. You must finish your battles without any gray Star. To
learn how to do this, follow these tips.

     - Equip all best gears according to your crew's Lvl, specially weapons to quickly defeat them.
     - Enhance, upgrade or increase your crew's overall level and attributes!, increase everything
that can. Specially HP, Physical Defense and Magical Defense to reduce damages.
     - Place your Great Swordsman at the front to tank damages with their gears and skills.
     - Doctor's Healing skills can also help to recover lost HP!

- In-Game Loading Screen Tips -

Protagonist and Crew
     - Can recruit 3 crew members when Protagonist level reaches Lvl 15.
     - Can recruit 4 crew members when Protagonist level reaches Lvl 25.
     - Can recruit 5 crew members when Protagonist level reaches Lvl 35.

     - Feel the crew member's attack is too weak? Go enhance his/her weapon.
     - Feel the crew member's HP is too low? Go enhane his/her hat.
     - Feel the crew member battles too slowly? Go enhane his/her shoes.

     - Recruiting crew of course is the earlier the better.
     - Crew member can obtain a Skill Point every 5 level increase.
     - Each crew member can have 1 active skill and 2 passive skills.
     - Protagonist can discover 1 active Aptitude Skill at Lvl 40.
     - Each senior crew member has a unique skill~
     - Senior crew member can rediscover skill after resetting.
     - Training can upgrade crew fast, but Protagonist can't be trained.
     - Only crew member in training can use Speedy Training function.
     - To beat the opponent in the area, It's very vital to pair the crew member with skill.

     - It can increase attribute of all crew members on battle after warship is upgraded.
     - Attributes added by Aptitude are all effective to the crew.
     - Drag avatar of a crew member to change his battle place on warship interface.

Gears and Rewards
     - Enhancing gear can increase the main attribute of the gear.
     - The gear quality is listed in ascending order: Blue < Purple < Orange < Red
     - Gears with purple above quality all have additional attributes.
     - Don't forget to attend Elite Campaign that will drop gears with purple quality.
     - Cloak increases Magic Defense and is very effective in defending navigator and doctor.
     - Ring can only be obtained from Perfect Stage Bonus

     - Attend daily team battle event and you'll gain purple gear and materials for cloth set.
     - Elite Campaign also has Progress Treasure Chest and Perfect Stage Bonus.
     - All battles with 40% and 100% progresses can  give you one entry into Flip Lottery.

More Tips
     - Complete side quests to obtain tons of bounties.
     - Skull will turn red when Elite Campaign is activated.
     - Appearance of warship can be changed into whatever you want after upgrade, such as
Going Mary, Thousands Sunny and more.
     - Go explore underwater treasure! You can have everything you want there!
     - New bars will be available to Lvl.50 and Lvl.70 players.
     - The first and second Instancing's will be available to lvl.40 and Lvl.60 players respectively.

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