Pockie Ninja II Social: Enhancement Guide

       As you progress through the game, you will be given enhancement points to increase the strengths of your ninjas. Enhance your ninjas to dominate battles and to increase your chances of winning. Refer below to learn more about Pockie Ninja II Social's enhancement feature.

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- Ninja Enhancements -

Enhance Ninja's HP and Attack
     - Go to your Ninja Page and click a ninja to view his or her stats.
     - HP (203): Higher points means stronger survival.
     - Attack (34): The higher the attack points, the more damage you can deal to the enemy.
     - Chakra (5): The higher the Chakra points, the farther distance you can move in a turn.
     - Range (1): Higher points means farther attack distance.
     - To open the Enhancement window, click the "+" button next to the Red Heart icon (HP or
the Kunai like icon (Attack) to increase stats.
     - You can get 5 Enhancement points every after leveling up.
     - Hp and Attack will increase per enhancement but the more you enhance your ninja, the more
Ryo and Enhancement Talisman you will consume.
     - When you reached the number of maximum enhancements, you will need to level up your
ninja to enhance more!

Ninja's Aptitude
     - Go to your Ninja Page and click a ninja to view his or her stats.
     - Click the "+" button to open the
     - The higher a ninja's aptitude is, the more attributes can be boosted while upgrading and
enhancing. You will need Aptitude Pills in order to change the current aptitude of your ninja.
Note: Resetting the aptitude of your ninja will not change his or her color or quality. The change
or aptitude is within the ninja's Aptitude Range only.
Ninja QualityGold Ninjas > Red Ninjas > Purple Ninjas > Blue Ninjas

     - Enhance your ninjas equally if you like going in the Arena.
     - Enhance 1 or 2 ninjas of each profession if you like Invading other players.

- Enhance Ninja Equipments -

       Always remember to enhance your ninja's equipments every after cool-down. They are

cheap and can also increase your ninja's overall Focus value.
How to Enhance Ninja Equipments
     - Go to your Ninja Page and click a ninja to view his or her stats.
     - Click the "Equipment" button to enter the equipments page. By default, you can first view
your ninja's current equipments.

     - Click the "Enhance" tab to start enhancing equipments.
     - Choose the item you want to enhance (you can also see who's item is it).
     - Click the "Enhance Equipment" to increase the stats of your item.
     - Don't worry, Enhancing equipment will never fail!

     - If the cool-down bar is full, you will have to wait for it to cool-down first before you can
do more enhancements.
     - If the "Enhance Tries Max" is reached, you will need some "Cap Boost" items to increase
the maximum tries.

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