NoelSAGA - NCsoft's Online Game


Online Game: NoelSAGA
- Publisher: NCsoft
- Facebook Game Application
- Role Playing Game / Online Browser Based Social Game

     Refer below to learn more about NoelSAGAa's Gameplay and Battle Play Features. Start your adventures now!
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- Gameplay -
NoelSAGA - Facebook Game Description
       The exciting adventure of NoelSAGA begins. Thousands of exciting stories
and monsters are waiting for you in each planet. Experience the exciting and thrilling adventure of NoelSAGA with friends!
Game Features
     - Construct buildings and customize your own "Home Planet".
     - Successfully recruit NPCs and get items from other planets to help your planet grow.
     - Complete series of quests and challenges to get rewards and to unlock more undiscovered
planets and adventures!
     - Discover maps, interact with NPCs and players, and defeat monsters!
     - Customize your character's face, skin color, hairstyle, weapons and clothing.
     - Invite and play with friends to get lots of help and benefits.

- Battle Play -
      NoelSAGA'a battle play is a point and click to attack, commonly seen on MMORPGs
(Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games). Navigate around the map to find monsters that you can target.

      Each action requires an energy to use. To gain more Energy, visit your friend's planet, receive gifts from friends or wait for 5 minutes to replenish 5 energy points. To conserve energy and to increase your game-play time, here's some battle features that can help you during combat.

Battle Features
     - Skills can be learned as you progress through the game. After acquiring the skill, you can
use it by pressing the number keys on your keyboard or by clicking the activated icons on your screen. It will only require 1 energy and Mana Point/s to deal massive area of effect damages. MP regenerates over time.

     - Lift objects around the map like boulders, treasure chests, bombs dropped by monsters
and more. Throw them at monsters to get some extra damage and loots!

How to Replenish HP and MP
     - Normally regenerates over time.
     - Get regenerative items from killing monsters.
     - Ask your friends or other players to "Cheer" your character.
     - Stay near town's campfire to speed up recovery time.

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