I Can't Play Any Facebook Games - Solved!

       If you are having trouble starting any games in Facebook, you might have security issues or missing /unupdated adobe flash player in your browser. Refer to the step by step guide below to learn how to solve this problem.
- Solution #1 -

Facebook Secure Browsing Issue
       One reason why players can't even start Facebook games is because you have enabled
Facebook's security feature on your account. Disabling this feature will let you play all Facebook games again.

Step 1
     - Open your Facebook Account then go to your "Account Settings".
Step 2
     - Select and click the Security menu.
Step 3
     - Check if your Facebook Secure Browsing is enabled.
     - If it is disabled, skip Step 4 and 5 below and go to Solution #2.
     - If it is enabled, click the "Edit" option then proceed to step 4.
Step 4
     - Uncheck browse Facebook on a secure connection then click the "Save Changes" button.
Step 5
     - Restart the Facebook game you wanted to play. Happy Playing!

- Solution #2 -

Adobe Flash Player Issue
       Some browsers needs to have an updated flash player to play Facebook Games. Follow
the options below to solve this problem.

Update Your Flash Player
     - To update your Flash Player, click the link below.
     - Get Adobe Flash Player
     - Follow the instructions on that site next.

Google Chrome Issue
     - No longer support Facebook games.

- Other Alternative Solutions -

Other Browsers
     - Try other browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.
     - If it works on other browsers, update the one that didn't work.
     - Try to update all your Browser too.

Clean Your Browser's Cache
     - Use Google Search: How to Clean (Enter Your Browser Here) Cache.
     - For Google Chrome: Press Ctrl+Shift+Delete
     - For Firefox: Go to Tools > Options > Privacy > Click on "Clear Your Recent History"
     - This will also resolve problems with updated games.

Scan For Malwares or Viruses
     - Download trusted Anti-virus softwares then run them to check your system.
     - Some softwares will try to install Toolbars into your Browsers and too much of
this might disrupt loading screens and result to unwanted errors. Uninstall these Toolbars if not needed.

Try to Enable Ads
     - Some games runs Ads while loading, so if your browser blocks Ads, the game will
get stuck to the loading screen!. Game Developers would normally fix this though.
     - Please use Google Search on how to enable Ads to your Browser. Check Plug-ins
or Extensions too like "Ad Block".