Armies of Magic: Humans, Elves or Dwarves?

       Choose the best race to fit your playing style, pick one among the three unique races. Humans - strong willed balanced leaders, Dwarves - the sturdy masters of technology, or Elves - powerfully magical guardians of nature.

- The Races -

       The diverse Humans are proficient in many skills while being master of few. They believe in
a harmonious balance of technology and magic. This balance extends to combat, where Humans focus on a diverse mix of units that can handle any situation.

     - Strengths: Balanced Overall Stats
     - Weaknesses: Balanced Overall Stats
     - Other Notes: Jack of all trades master of none!

       The hardy Dwarves are not magically inclined, so they have focused on mining for metals
and gems, then turning those into the latest technology. These activities have melded the Dwarves into slow but hard-hitting combatants who have harnessed technology's power.

     - Strengths: Health, Armor and Physical Damage
     - Weaknesses: Attack Speed and Move Speed
     - Other Notes: Guardians have the best armor and health! Best race to use healers
because of their strengths or high survivability.

       The quick elves have found a harmony with both nature and magic. They believe that
technology is crude compared to magic, and try to use magic for everything. As a result, the elves are weaker but move far more quickly. They still hit hard thanks to magical enhancements.

     - Strengths: Attack Speed, Move Speed and Magic Damage
     - Weaknesses: Health and Armor
     - Other Notes: Assassins have the best move speed and attack speed! Best harassers at the
start of the game because of their strengths.

       Obtained at some points of the game and can be purchased by Gold. They have better stats
than their ordinary version. The level upgrade of mercenaries are at maximum level.

     - Other Notes: Iron Golems have the best armor and health in the game!