Tetris Battle: How to Perform a Double T-Spin

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       You don’t need to be a combo pro or work on some T-spin cheats to do this trick. What
I’m going to teach is a simple guide on how to slam a T-spin to knock your opponent down. Let us first divide the game interface in to three sections: Left side, Center and the Right side.
- Double T-Spin Video and Tutorial -

Right side (R)
     - There are only three types of pieces that will be placed on the right hand side: the red S piece, the light blue I piece, and the all-powerful purple T piece.

Left side (L
     - This will be your dumping section. Place pieces
here that you cannot place in the center or right.

Center (C
     - Comprises the three leftover columns not included in right and left, and it is used to set up the left side of the T-Spin slots.


- Steps for Double T-Spin - 

Step 1: Preparation

       It is important to remember that in order to complete the T-spin technique, you should start the base accurately. To start, you must leave 3 columns at the right side of the game interface. Why? because this is where you will place the Red S piece.

       Building the base can be one of the most frustrating things for a newbie T-Spinner to deal with, but still, practice will improve performance!

     - These are some types of combinations on how to set up the opening.

Step 2: Center Stacking
       Now you should practice these basic combinations for Center Stacking.
Why? This is the common combinations that are used while you are building your opening.
     - This is your combinations if you are doing the T-Spin at the Right Side of the Matrix.
     - The first one is the most common combination for T-Spinners.
     - Learn the pattern and observe how the gaps are used.
     - Try to practice with the combinations and try not to cling on one combination only. This will
make you more flexible to any situation.

Step 3: Left Side Stacking
       The Left Side is your dumping area. You can place anything in the dump area. Left side
Stacking is the key to have a good canter stacking combination. The Left Side and Center part should slightly have the same height as you stack them.

     - Let see some screen shots of Left Side Stacking.
     - Notice carefully where I place each Tetrimino piece and practice it.

  Step 4: The Red S Piece
       The Red piece can be put any where and can be used as a dump, for center stacking
combination. But the main usage of the red piece is for the support of the T-Spin.

- To set the key piece to its place, first you must have a Red 

 - Move it to the right side of the game interface, rotate it to 90แต’
then simply hit Space Bar to perform a Hard Drop.

- Here I performed a series of T-spin slots. Notice that the Red S
piece is going higher to level with the first T-Slot.


  Step 4: The Almighty T-Spin!
       After you are finished in building your Base, Center Stacking, Left Side Stacking and positioning the Red piece, we are now ready to perform the Magical T-spin!
     - First you must have the T piece or the purple one.
     - Then position it to 90แต’ like the one on the first screen shot below. 

     - Perform a Soft Drop until it reaches the T-slot where it will fit. 
     - Lastly, do the spin: hit “X” or the “Up Arrow Key” on your keyboard.