Tetris Battle Tips, Tricks and Info

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       Here are some tips and tricks that you can use to further enhance your Tetris Battle
gameplay experience! Guide includes some game information for beginners and recommended tuning depending on your battle style. Battle styles and combos will not be included because it will be covered by other guides.
- General Tips, Tricks and Info -

Daily Bonus
     - Come back every day to unlock more bonus spins!
     - Unlock and maintain up to 5 bonus spins to get more free items every day.
     - Automatically pops up and resets at server time.

Send a Free Gift to your Friends!
     - Help your friends with free energy, collections and coins!
     - Helping all your friends will increase the chance of getting free stuffs from your friends.
    - The Message Center: a new window where you can accept all gifts from your friends.
    - It is located above the ON/OFF option buttons (Quality, Sound Effect, Music).

Tetris Battle Energy
     - Energy is consumed every time you start a battle.
     - By default, you can get more energy over time.
     - Note: You will get a full energy bar after leveling up!, so avoid collecting or using energy
when you are about to gain a level!
     - For cash users, you can instantly refill your energy bars with tetris cash.

How to Ask Energy from your Friends:
     - Consume all energy in your energy bar then click on the "Start button".
     - A window will appear with the message "Sorry, you need more energy to play tetris battle".
     - Click on the "Ask" button below the Energy Bag Icon to start asking energy!

How to Use Energy:
     - Open your energy bag next to your energy bar (refer above icon) and locate the Energy you
want to use.
     - You can also see your current progress of you collections here.
     - Also available when you run out of energy. Just click on the "Start button" to use energies.

     - Complete the Collections in your energy bag to receive a 24 hours infinite energy!

How to Save Energy:
     - Battle with your friends! Battling friends doesn't consume Energy!
     - To invite, click on a friend that has a “JOIN ME” label, an invitation will be sent for your
friend to respond to.

- Tuning Guide -

       Give yourself the edge against your opponents by upgrading your controls for quicker
handling and faster drops. You also use the tuning window for practicing without consuming energies!
     - Tuning is located in your "My Stuff" > "Tuning".

Left/Right Speed
     - The quicker you move, the better you can avoid being KO'ed by your opponents.
     - Useful for speed game modes like SPRINT 4P.

Line Clear Speed
     - The faster the line clears, the faster you can send more lines than your opponent.
     - Useful for speed game modes like SPRINT 4P.

Soft Drop Speed
     - Does not affect the normal game flow, tetrimonos will still fall every 1 second.
     - This upgrade will only affect the soft drop (down key) speed making this upgrade useful for
T-spin users!

Next Piece Queue
     - Stay ahead of the game by upgrading what you see in the next pieces in your game.
     - This is a very good addition to any game style. This is a must have upgrade!

     - Will increase as you gain more XP points. 1 Level will give you 1 Tetris Cash!

     - You position or place in that certain game mode.
     - Ranks will increase or decrease according to your winning rate and is represented by stars.

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