Soul Crash: How to Get Winning Streaks or Straight Wins

       This guide will help Soul Crash players how to gain winning streaks and to understand the real bonuses behind it! Read on to learn how to reduce your losses and gain more stats for your characters and builds!

- Winning Streak! -

Win: Bonuses
     - +1 Stat Point
     - EXP Points
     - Gold Coins

Lose: Bonus
     - EXP Points

       Just by looking at the bonuses above, more winning streak means more stats to gain!
Higher leveled characters with very low win percentage might still have a lower total stats than a low leveled player with very high win percentage or streak due to this bonuses!

Example Scenario
     - Lvl 10 Player A
     - 195 Wins and 5 Losses
     - Total Stats to Allocate from Wins: 195

     - Lvl 11 Player B
     - 100 Wins and 100 Losses
     - Total Stats to Allocate from Wins: 100

       If for example, both players allocated all their stats to Attack, Player A will have 95 more
attack points than Player B! This is the reason why we have to reduce the number of losses to gain more stat points over our enemies!

- How to Gain Winning Streaks! - 

       Gaining straight wins means reducing losing streaks too! At level 10, you will start to
battle real player's teams and NPCs! You will have to choose between 3 teams.

     - Left Team: Lower level than your current level.
     - Center Team: Higher or equal to your current level.
     - Right Team: Higher than your current level.
     - Random NPC Team: Fair and Element Based. Level is not displayed. NEW!

     - The most ideal team to fight are Left Teams! This will give you better chances of winning.
     - After a win, use the shuffle button to be able to fight "Left Teams" again!
     - Shuffle again if you think you can't win. Example: "Left Team" has a godly weapon or gear.

     - You will lose the Enchant Stone bonuses after winning 3 battles but this won't be a problem
if you have at least 41 Soul Crash friends!
     - Get at least 21 friends to gain enough Gold coins for shuffling!

     - For cash users, you may ignore the teams above and fight any teams you'd like instead.
     - Just watch out for heavy cash users too with godly weapons!

What if I have too many losses?
     - Try to increase your winning percentage to at least 85% or 90%!

     - If you think you are about to lose a battle, quickly refresh the game (F5). You will lose
the energy used for that battle, the EXP bonus and your current win streak, but you will be able to avoid a level up or an EXP gain without a bonus stat!

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