Monster Galaxy: Luck of the Irish Quests Guide

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       Note that this event is only available this month of March 2012! Grab your chance now!
Note that the only moga that can be captured for this event quests is Clurich! If you want to tame those Mogas you fought, you can try for them in the Chance Item (cash) and the Super Spin! (cash).
- Luck of the Irish Event Quests - 

Visit Lyle
     - Go to Shdowmire Bulwark

Clurich Photo Shoot
     - Places with Flowers: Go to Windhym Gardens

Corgito Photo Shoot
     - Places with Circular Roads: Go to Spiral Road

Gin Photo Shoot
     - Places with a ditch or a hole: Go to Mega Hole

Giraffin Photo Shoot
     - Places in the North: Go to Northside

Darrig Photo Shoot
     - Places near the cities and roadways: Go to Windhym Roadway

Niseag "Loch Ness Monster" Photo Shoot
     - Places near rivers: Goto MadBeetch River

Capture Clurich
     - Find and Capture Clurich.
     - Clurich is a Super Rare Moga with 19% maximum capture rate.
     - Location: Windhym Flower Path

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