Soul Crash: Enchantment In-Depth Guide

       Enchanting gears will improve your performance and win more battles! You'll get cool visual effects too. Read on to learn how to enchant your weapon and where to collect the requirements for enchanting!

- Enchantment -

The Enchantsmith
     - Head over to the shop and click on Abacus the enchantsmith (learned in the tutorial too).

The Requirements
     - Enchant Stones and Golds. Higher level upgrades demands higher requirements.
       Enchant Stones can be found or earned:
     - in treasure chests after winning sets of three matches.
     - from your first battle win of the day!
     - as a free gift from your friends.
     - by visiting your neighbor's streets! you will need at least 40 friends though.
     - from leaderboard rewards.
     - from the battle chest.
     - by purchasing them in the shop (cash users).

Weapon Rating
     - Each weapon has different weapon rating and falls into different categories.

Max Enchant Level Chart
     - Success chance will decrease as you upgrade them to higher level!
     - Be careful, because enchantments don't always succeed.
     - The gear will start to show auras and some will change it's physical form too!

     - Lvl 1 = 1 Bronze Star
     - Lvl 2 = 2 Bronze Stars
     - Lvl 3 = 3 Bronze Stars

     - Lvl 4 = 1 Silver Star
     - Lvl 5 = 2 Silver Stars
     - Lvl 6 = 3 Silver Stars

     - Lvl 7 = 1 Gold Star
     - Lvl 8 = 2 Gold Stars
     - Lvl 9 = 3 Gold Stars

       You can also see your opponent's weapon level before or during a fight. The chart above
also applies to that, now you will be able to see how strong is your opponent's weapon.

- Tips and Info -
     - The Battle Power of your weapon is also dependent to your Attack stat!
     - Recruit 60 Soul Crash friends and collect every bonus from their street to gain up to 20
Enchant Stones every day!
     - If you can't afford to buy higher tier weapons or gears, enchant you weapon to catch up
to your opponents or enemies.

       When looking for potential gears or weapons for enchantment, you should look at this
2 main factors:

Weapon Rating and Max Enchant Level
     - example scenario:
     - A weapon with a Weapon Rating of 4 and Max Enchant of 7 is better than a weapon
with Weapon Rating of 5 and Max Enchant of 4! Enchantments really give huge boosts!

       But there are times that you might want to choose lower ones because of the success
rates of enchantments. Example scenario:

     - A weapon with a Weapon Rating of 8 and Max Enchant of 7 and a weapon with
Weapon Rating of 8 and Max Enchant of 5!
       The Enchantment success rate at Lvl 5 is 20%. After that, the success rate will drop again, making it harder to reach Lvl 6! At this point, you might want to choose the second weapon and give up the 2 possible levels. But there are some certain conditions like:
     - This is ideal if there are more higher tier weapons.
     - If in case, this is the last tier of weapons, choose the first weapon instead!

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