Soul Crash: Can't Visit Lucy Crow or Missing Neighbors/Friends

       Here is a known game issue that has been bothering players around Soul Crash. Read on to learn more about the game problem and to find some possible solutions on how to fix it. If you encounter game bugs, errors, glitch or any problem, feel free report your problem.

- Lucy Crow and Neighbors/Friends -

     - Can't visit Lucy Crow's street or home!
     - Soul Crash neighbors or friends are missing!

     - This is a known issue and the Developers are looking at the issue. The game is still new
and in beta stage so this is really expected. Hopefully they will be able to resolve it A.S.A.P.

     - It looks like most players with overflowing friends or Soul Crash friends have this kind
of problem! You can still play Soul Crash by creating a new account (optional).

     - You might also want to try clearing out your browser's cache and cookies.
     - Different methods are used per browser. Check your browser's Tools or Options.

Report Problem
     - If you are still having the issue at this point, please take a screen shot and report the
problem directly to their Support Team by clicking the link below.
     - Contact Soul Crash Support Team

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