Soul Crash FAQ, Tips, Tricks and Guides List

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       Here is a complete list of all Soul Crash tips, tricks and guides that players can
find here at List might also include other posts related to the game like major news or updates, F.A.Q.s, game fixes and more.
- Basic Tips and Info -

Soul Crash Tips, Tricks and Info
     - Rewards and Bonuses
     - Hiring Friends
     - Stats Guide

Character Stats Build and In-Depth Guide
     - Stats or Attributes Explained
     - Attacker, Defender and Balanced Builds!
Skill Guide, How to Unlock and Tips NEW!
     - The Art of Soul and Skill Variations!

Enchantment In-Depth Guide
     - Enchantments and Requirements
     - How to Enchant Weapons or Gears
     - More Tips and Info

How to Get Winning Streaks or Straight Wins
     - The Secret Behind the Streaks!
     - Gain more Wins to Gain more Stats!

How to Win or Defeat Boss Fights Like Terri T
     - Recommendations and Tips

- FAQs -

Disappearing Golds After Battle - Solved!
     - Game Issue/Bug/Error
Can't Visit Lucy Crow or Missing Neighbors/Friends
     - Game Issue/Bug/Error

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