Tetris Battle - Tetris Online, Inc.'s Online Game

Online Game: Tetris Battle
- By Tetris Online, Inc.
- Facebook Game Application
- Action and Arcade / Board-Puzzle / Online Browser Based Social Game

       Refer below to learn more about Tetris Battle's Gameplay and Battle Play Features.
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- Gameplay -

Tetris Battle Facebook Game Description
       In this version of Tetris, your goal is to win matches and earn stars. The more
stars you earn the higher you will be ranked in the Tetris Facebook community. 
       The objective of Tetris is to place falling pieces called Tetriminos into neat
horizontal lines.Every time you fill a complete horizontal line of blocks, the line will disappear from your game. You can guide your falling pieces by moving them left, right, and/or rotating them into place. If you let the Tetriminos stack all the way to the top, you will lose or let your opponent win a point.
     - Customize your game interface by purchasing decors and avatars of your choice.
     - Tune your gameplay by upgrading different play style options.
     - Discover your playing style and overpower your opponent!

- Battle Play -
       Tetris Battle offers a versus mode where you can battle your friends pre-determined or in
real time! Expand your tetris battle world! Invite your friends for more challenges.

     - In tetris battle, you control the pieces with the keyboard.
     - Hold: In case you want to reserve a tetrimono for later use or for strategic use. Also helpful
for storing a tetrimono that you can't find a place for it.

Sending Lines
     - Clear at least 2 or more lines to send line attacks to your opponent.
     - You can send extra lines when you clear lines consecutively (combo).
     - Higher combos will send even more attack ("garbage") lines!

Earning KO's
     - You can force your opponent to block out by continously sending line attacks, resulting in
a KO! Getting KO points will increase your chances of winning.

     - Drop your block on top of the bomb to clear garbage lines!
     - Clearing garbage lines will also send "garbage" lines to your opponents.

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