Monster Galaxy: The Black Katanas Quests Guide

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     Something is bothering the spirit of Fredric at Cydonia Castle. Why not login to Monster
Galaxy and see what's got him so blue? Rumor has it you'll get a chance to capture one of the new Mogas in the wild if you complete Fredric's quests!
     Note that this event is only available this month of February 2012! Grab your chance now!

- The Black Katanas Event -

Cydonia Seance
     - Go to Cydonia Castle.

Gate Camper
     - Go to Heavenly Greens Gate.

Robot Ninjas
     - Re-enter Heavenly Greens Gate and fight Jezabelle's Mogas.

Stop! Thief!
     - Go to Northside.

Wild Blades Reprisal
     - Re-enter Northside and fight Jezabelle's Mogas.

Shady Rings
     - Go to Spiral Cave and enter Daydask.

Bushidon Unleashed
     - Re-enter Daydask and fight Jezabelle's Mogas.

Test of Mettle
     - Go back to Cydonia Castle and defeat the Black Katanas.

Bushidon's Gratitude
     - Find and Capture Chidi.
     - Chidi is a Super Rare Moga with 19% maximum capture rate.
     - Location: Can be captured randomly anywhere!

Note: The only moga that can be captured for this event quests is Chidi. Other "The Black
Katanas" Mogas can be won in the Sky Shop: Super Spin and chance item (cash). Good Luck!

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