Pockie Ninja: Hebi Sasuke Skill Build, Stats and Pets

       This guide is only limited to character skill build, stats and pets recommendations, gathered observations and suggestions from players around Pockie Ninja! Note that, there is no best build! it's all about your playing style and preferences! Share them here at urgametips.com too!

Important Note:
     The guide below can also be applied to Pockie Ninja's (PN II Upgrade). All Main Functions can still be found and are still working.

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- Featured Character: Hebi Sasuke -

Hebi Sasuke Outfit
     - S-rank Ninja Orange Outfit
     - Lightning Release Skills +15%
     - BMV: 10(Strength)--9(Agility)--15(Stamina)

     - Speedster Build (Great Agility and Strength BMV!)

     - Hebi Sasuke outfit can increase proc-rates of Lighting skills to over 30%!
     - Chidori: A key skill of Hebi Sasuke that can paralyze and slow down movement speeds of
enemies! Paired with Thunderfall and other movement speed reducing skills or disabling skills, you can get more turns and chance to finish off your enemy!

     - With the new Outfit Recast System, Pioneer Hebi Sasuke outfit or Sage Hebi Sasuke outfit
can increase the proc-rates of lightning skills to over 50%!

     - Your aim is to get high Agility and pairing it's high speed percentage output with high
damage output! Reinforced with wide variety of additional attacks from pets, debuffs' effects like slow, disabling effects like freeze and some occasional criticals, you can bring your enemy down before they can harm you!

- Village -

     - Choose a village that goes with your main skill build or outfit passive.
     - Honestly, you can choose any village but here's some preferred village/s:
     - Lightning Village or Wind Village

Stats Build: Strength Based AB Speedster -

Speedster Build: Primary Stats: 
     - [Agility] - Aim for Gold Agility or Strength stats per [4s] gear.
     - [Strength]

     - Hebi Sasuke's Strength BMV is great so get Strength as one of your primary stats! It's
much better than Attack+%.

Speedster Build: Secondary Stats:
TIP: Secondary Stats are your 3rd or 4th stats that will go with your primary stats per gear.
     - [Min/Max Attack+] or [Armor Break] or [Critical+] > [Dodge]

Speedster Build: Supporting Stats:
TIP: Stats that can give you a more rounded stats build! Increase them also (other stat sources).
     - [Hit] > [Constitution] > [Defense]

Notable Stats from Gears
     - Try to get [Any Stat Enhance+ Weapon] and [Lightning Release Enhance Rings].

Reinforcing Features
     - Inscription can really help your gears boost up their defensive and offensive capabilities.
     - Inscribing your equipments might be expensive to use, so start at Lvl 41+ or 51+.
     - Refer here:  Pockie Ninja: Equipment Inscription Guide

     - The Enhancement feature in the Armory can also add an easy HP+ stat to your armors and
Attack+ to your weapons!

Recommended Gems for Hebi Sasuke: 
     - [Sapphire = Agility+] and [Ruby = Strength +]
     - You can go all Agility + Gems or with Strength+ gems in your weapon and some gears.
     - Gems are equipped inside your gear's slots. Use them to your precious high leveled gears.

- Pets and Skill Build -

     - Refer here for Pet Skills: Pet Skills List
     - Refer here for Tailed Beast Pet Skills: Tailed Beast Pet Skills List
     - Also, try to discover [Lightning Release Enhance] passive skill for your pet.

       One good advantage of speedsters is that, they can increase the chance of pet's additional
attacks because they can attack multiple times in a row in a single turn! Feel free to use any pet that you want but for this guide, I will just list the most common pets used.

Sweet Potato
     - Aura Skills: [Bramble Aura], [Photosynthesis] and [Spine Protection]
     - Damage Return & Heal: Effects are more appreciated if you have Expert Bramble Aura!

     - Pet Support/Aid Skills: [Great Pressure], [Absolute Loyalty], and [Repress].
     - Common starter pet used by speedsters! Great Pressure gives 3 more extra stuns!

     - Passive Skills: [Barks Armor], [Fence Sitter] and [+Stats that enhances your Build].

Non S-Rank Tailed Beast: Sokou
     - Aura Skills: [Any Lofty Aura], [Jinchuriki] and [Berserk Beast]
     - Berserk Beast gives you bonus attack and speed when being attacked.

     - Pet Support Skills: [Corrosive Acid], [Absolute Loyalty], and [Repress].
     - Corrosive Acid: 17 % chance to deal 75% of common damage and reduce enemy's attack
and defense by 30% for 8 seconds.

     - Passive Skills: [Ancient Swiftshadow], [Ancient Vision] and [+Stats that enhances
your Build].

Non S-Rank Tailed Beast: Raijuu
     - Aura Skills: [Any Lofty Aura], [Jinchuriki] and [Berserk Beast]
     - Berserk Beast gives you bonus attack and speed when being attacked.

     - Pet Support Skills: [Lightning Storm], [Absolute Loyalty], and [Repress].
     - Interesting Pet! Lightning Storm buffs you with free Static Field and enhances Chidori's
damage by 15%!

     - Passive Skills: [Ancient Swiftshadow], [Ancient Vision] and [+Stats that enhances
your Build].

S-Rank Tailed Beast: Demon Fox
     - Aura Skills: [Any Lofty Aura], [Jinchuriki] and [Berserk Beast]
     - Berserk Beast gives you bonus attack and speed when being attacked.

     - Pet Support Skills: [Tailed Beast Ball], [Absolute Loyalty], and [Repress].
     - Tailed Beast Ball: 32% chance to deal 100% of common damage and recover 40% of
that damage into HP. 25% chance to slow enemy by 30% for 12 seconds. 3 times per battle.

     - Passive Skills: [Ancient Swiftshadow], [Ancient Vision] and [+Stats that enhances
your Build].

Frostbore/Dark Wing Dragon
     - Aura Skills: [Any Holy Aura], [Dragon Blood] and [Inviolable]
     - Dragon Blood will decrease all damage and Inviolable will increase your counterattack!

     - Pet Support Skills: [Icy Breath], [Attack], [Fortune], [Absolute Loyalty], and [Repress]
     - One of the Best Pets for Speedsters!
     - You must learn Attack to activate Icy Breath. Icy Breath is an additional attack that has
a high chance of freezing your opponent! Water Release Passive skill can increase the chances.
     - Must also discover Fortune passive skill to increase the freeze chance!

     - Passive Skills: [Armor Corrosion] and [+Stats that enhances your Build].
     - Passive Skills (Dark Wing Special): [Armor Corrosion], [Divine Speed] and [+Stats that
enhances your Build].

- Skill Build -

Recommended Passive Releases:
     - Lightning Release: must have passive skill to increase proc-rates of lightning skills.
     - Wind Release: to increase wind release skills like Quickstep.
     - Water Release: to increase Crystal Blade's or your dragon's Icy Breath proc-rate.
     - Basically, get the Passive Release which can enhance your skill builds.

Note: You can actually build a lot of skill sets per situation and play style, so i'll just list some
common skills used by players. Mix, match and try them out to find what suits you!

     - [Chidori], [Thunderfall] and [Great Mud River]
     - Slows your opponent, giving you more speed and turns!

     - [Quickstep]
     - A must have skill! More chance to deal damage, debuffs and additional attacks!

     - [Great Strength] and [Detonating Clay]
     - Must have skills too! For stun and more damage output!

     - [Crystal Blade] - Freeze effect and chance to deal 2x damage! Disables Windstorm Array
and Mud Wall users too!

     - [Assassinate]
     - Awesome for high damagers. Can also reduce damage from Detonating Clay!

     - [Bomb] or [8 Trigram Palm] - Good alternative attack skill against chakra eaters. Add
Bomb skill in case you run out of mana!

     - [Cursed Seal of Heaven] - The lower your life is, the more attack bonus you will get!

     - [Windstorm Array]
     - Good defensive skill for Hebi Sasuke!

     - [Puppet] or [Death Mirage Jutsu]
     - Best against speedsters. Takes effect every time the infected player take his or her turn!

     - [8 Trigram Palm], [Death Mirage Jutsu] or [Chakra Blade]
     - Drains your enemy's chakra! Death Mirage Jutsu can also drain HP!

     - [Sunset] Chance to deal 2x damage! Works with all elemental attacks like Chidori.
Works well against high tankers!

     - [Substitution] - Chance to dodge all attacks! Doesn't work while stunned or crystallized.

     - [Static Field]
     - For countering Flying Thunder God users. Get decent defense/dodge to use this effectively.

     - [Dead Demon Cosuming Seal] - Lowers enemy's damage and heal.

     - [Creation Rebirth] - mainly for PVP, if you get KO'ed quickly!

     - and more!

- Bloodlines and Soulbounds -

Learn Bloodlines and Bloodsouls

TIP: Choose Bloodlines and Soulbounds that will compliment your stats build.

Featured Bloodline NPC for all Builds!

     - Mizukage: +54 to Strength, Agility and Stamina; and + 192 to Hit!
     - Unlock at Lvl 58; Collection: Landscape Painting

     - Use her as one of your permanents to adapt Hit while concentrating on your stats build.
     - Use the Pray option to increase her default stats with your preferred stat!

     - If you don't want her to become one of your permanents, you can still use her as a reserve.
     - In case that you encounter a high dodger, switch Mizukage to your active Bloodlines!