Pockie Ninja: Advanced Equipment Synthesis Guide

       Equipment Level Tiers are caps or limiters for synthesized equipments. Before moving on into this guide, please read the Pockie Ninja Equipment Synthesis Guide to understand the terms used below. Plus, I will no longer explain the success rates here.Refer here: Pockie Ninja Synthesis Equipments Guide

Important Note:
     The guide below can also be applied to Pockie Ninja's (PN II Upgrade). All Main Functions can still be found and are still working.

- Equipment Level Tiers -

Equipment Level Tiers
     - Tier 1: Lvl 1 to Lvl 10
     - Tier 2: Lvl 11 to Lvl 20
     - Tier 3: Lvl 21 to Lvl 30
     - Tier 4: Lvl 31 to Lvl 40
     - Tier 5: Lvl 41 to Lvl 50
     - Tier 6: Lvl 51 to Lvl 60
     - and so on

Start of a Tier
     -  (1, 11, 21, 31, 41, 51 and so on): Weapons
     - Once you hit the start of a tier, you first priority should be a Weapon!

Middle of a Tier 
     - (6, 16, 26, 36, 46, 56 and so on) Weapons

End of a Tier
     - (10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 and so on) : Rings

       We all know that the highest synthesis that you can make is a [4s] gear. You might be
wondering if you can upgrade your Lvl 41 [3s] Weapon into a Lvl 46 [3s] Weapon. The answer is YES!, because Lvl 41 and Lvl 46 share the same equipment level tier.

       But if you want to upgrade your Lvl 46 [4s] Weapon into a Lvl 51 [4s] Weapon, the
answer will be NO!, because they have different tiers! Even if you use higher tier equipments as catalysts, the result will still follow the main item's Equipment Level Tier.

Example Synthesis:
     - [Lvl 46 Weapon] + [Lvl 51 Weapon] + [Lvl 60 Ring] = [Random Lvl 41 to Lvl 50 Equipment]
     - the result will never go beyond Lvl 50. So how are we going to solve this?

- Solutions and Alternatives -

     - Once you hit a new tier (31, 41, 51, 61 and so on), gather equipments that belongs to that
tier! Any number of stats will do.

Common Source of New Equipments:
     - Easy [1s] gears from the Item Shop. You should see new or higher tier gears by now.
     - Look for a newly unlocked area that has a Slot Machine! Form a team or go solo.
     - Outdoor Boss (newest area), requires Demon Proof of Suppression.
     - Valhalla Runs: Try to finish the hardest available stage for your current level.
     - and more.

       You should know by now what [1s] or [2s] means and their success rates. If not, please
read first the Equipments Synthesis Guide here: Pockie Ninja Synthesis Equipments Guide

[1s] Gears to [2s] Gears
     - Just follow the usual equipment synthesis.
     - [1s] + [1s] + [1s] = [2s]
     - This method requires lots of stones and luck though, but it's a start.

[2s] Gears to [3s] Gears
     - [2s] + [2s] + [2s] = [3s]
     - [2s] + [30+ Synth value] + [30+ Synth value] = [3s]
     - [Higher Tier 2s] + [Lower Tier 2s] + [Lower Tier 2s] = [Higher Tier 3s]

       Notice that one solution is that, we can actually use lower tiers to upgrade our higher tier
[2s] gear in to a higher tier [3s] gear! Same way when upgrading it into a [4s] gear.

- Things to Consider -

       At some point, you will now be able to equip your higher tier [4s] gears, thus replacing your
lower tier [3s] or [4s] gears. Like what I have said above, you can no longer upgrade them to a higher tier but you can use them for other purposes.

For Better Success Rates
     - [Higher Tier 3s] + [Lower Tier 3s] + [Lower Tier 3s] = [Higher Tier 4s]
     - [Higher Tier 3s] + [Lower Tier 4s] + [Lower Tier 4s] = [Higher Tier 4s]

For Getting Orange Outfits!
     - [Blue Outfit] + [Lower Tier 3s] + [Lower Tier 3s] = [Orange Outfit]
     - [Blue Outfit] + [Lower Tier 4s] + [Lower Tier 4s] = [Orange Outfit]

For Getting Channeling or Frostbore Pets!
     - [30 Synth value Pet] + [Lower Tier 3s] + [Lower Tier 3s] = [40 Synth value Pet]
     - [30 Synth value Pet] + [Lower Tier 4s] + [Lower Tier 4s] = [40 Synth value Pet]

       That's it, Happy Playing everyone!