Pockie Ninja: Equipment Inscription Guide

       Weapons and armors can be inscribed. To open the Inscription Portable Function, open your
backpack then click the Synthesis button next to your inventory space. By default, the synthesize window will appear first. Click the Inscription Tab to open the inscription interface.

Important Note:
     The guide below can also be applied to Pockie Ninja's (PN II Upgrade). All Main Functions can still be found and are still working.

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- Inscription -

       Inscription can raise your equipment's basic attributes. Inscription level will +1 if inscription
is successful. Highest inscription level is 16 (will become higher as the game goes).
     - Weapons: + Minimum and Maximum Attack
     - Armors: + Defense
     - Talisman and Rings: Can't be inscribed!

     - Inscription Talismans
     - Stones (in-game currency)

- How to Inscribe Equipments  -

     - Drag Weapon or Armor from your bag to the box.
     - Choose the type of Inscription Talisman.
     - You can use 3 Inscription Talisman at most.
     - Click on Start button to inscribe your equipment! Good luck!

Sample Equipment Inscription
       The number of stars represents the equipment's level of inscription. Refer to the screenshot
above. Inscribed weapons will get +Attack bonuses and Armors will get +Defense bonuses!

Types of Inscription Talismans
     - Low Level Inscription Talisman (Yellow)
     - +3% Success Chance per low level inscription talisman used (Max 3).
     - Can be found at Auto-combat (Hall Training), Bounty Quests and Slot Machines.
     - Also available at the Market.

     - Advanced Inscription Talisman (Green)
     - +6% Success Chance per advanced inscription talisman used (Max 3).
     - Claimed through quests, Gift boxes and other game features/events.
     - Redeemed at the Newbie Log-in Box.

- Inscription Failed Results -

     - In case of failed inscription, inscription level will drop at some levels. Refer below.
     - You can see the success rate below the equipment box.

     - Level 0 to Level 1 = If failed, no level drop
     - Level 1 to Level 2 = If failed, no level drop
     - Level 2 to Level 3 = If failed, no level drop
     - Level 3 to Level 4 = If failed, no level drop
     - Level 4 to Level 5 = If failed, no level drop

     - Level 5 to Level 6 = If failed, it will drop to level 4
     - Level 6 to Level 7 = If failed, it will drop to level 4
     - Level 7 to Level 8 = If failed, it will drop to level 4

     - Level 8 to Level 9 = If failed, no level drop

     - Level 9 to Level 10 = If failed, it will drop to level 8
     - Level 10 to Level 11 = If failed, it will drop to level 8
     - Level 11 to Level 12 = If failed, it will drop to level 8

     - Level 12 to Level 13 = If failed, no level drop

     - Level 13 to Level 14 = If failed, it will drop to level 12
     - Level 14 to Level 15 = If failed, it will drop to level 12
     - Level 15 to Level 16 = If failed, it will drop to level 12

- Inscription Tips  -

     - Inscription Talismans are still limited, so use them wisely!
Inscribe equipments,
     - that you will use for a long period of time. Start doing it at level 36+ or 41+.
     - that have at least 3 stats that you like for your character build.

     - Use 1 low level Inscription Talismans up to +5 or +6!
     - From here on, the success rates are too low, it's time to use 3 pieces of low level or
advanced inscription talismans per upgrade! Good luck!