Pockie Ninja: How to Learn Bloodline Limit

       To learn a bloodline limit, you have to choose a character in the Ninja's Trial interface and do certain tasks or daily quests for them. Send the NPC his or her favorite items or liking to increase your amity level with that character.

Important Note:
     The guide below can also be applied to Pockie Ninja's (PN II Upgrade). All Main Functions can still be found and are still working.

- Introduction to Bloodline Limit -

     - First, click any of the two methods below to enter the Ninja's Trial window.
     - Ninja House: Location of Ninja Houses varies per level or grade of ninjas.
     - Ninja Sage Icon: Click on the Ninja Sage Icon in your main interface.

       Now you will be taken to a list of characters. Refer to the above screenshot. Note that you
can only go for characters with lower level than you. To successfully obtain a bloodline limit, you must reach the maximum amity level of that character.

     - For this guide, we will try to Inherit Tenten's bloodline limit - Full Bullets.
     - Tenten's liking or favorite item: Barbeque Chips
     - Amity level: 0/30 - You only need 4 Barbeque Chips to inherit Tenten's Bloodline Limit!
     - Click on "Go!" to visit Tenten's Ninja House.
     - Click her portrait again to open a window similar to the below pics.
     - Click on [Tenten]Collection Quest
     - It's time to collect some likings! Return here if you have the required items.

- Where to Obtain Likings -

       Now here's the hard part!, obtaining likings takes a lot of time and you really need luck!
       Make sure your level is not 30 levels higher than your enemies to get loots!

Where to Obtain Likings?
     - Outdoor Bosses: The ones that requires Demon Proofs.
     - Slot Machines: Most Maps with Outdoor Explorations have Slot Machines. High leveled
slot machines yields high leveled likings. Search a slot machine that is suitable for your aim.
     - Valhalla Runs
     - Defense Against Tailed Beasts
     - Ninja Trial: Refer here to learn more Pockie Ninja: Ninja's Trial 3 vs 3 Team Fight
     - Redeem Blue, Purple, Orange Collection Treasure Jars at the Daily Sign-in Gifts.
     - Buy them in the Market
     - Cards and more!

       Note that the color of fave items or likings is also the same with their respective characters.
Example: Green colored items belongs to Green grade characters and so on.

Quests - For Tenten and Choji only NEW!
     - You can also get Tenten's Barbeque Chips by accepting the quest in the Angel City.
     - Go to Angel City then click on Hall. Must be level at least 25!
     - Talk to the Ninja Master and accept the quest named as "Collection".
     - Talk to the Ninja Master again to complete the quest.
     - Claim your rewards - Barbeque Chips x4 and go back to the Crossrords.
     - After collecting the required likings, go back to Tenten's Ninja House to complete the quest.
     - Click on Transplant to complete the process!

- Activating Bloodline Limits -

       Inherited Bloodline Limits can be activated through your Backpack window.
     - Bloodline Limits must also be activated first before it's attributes takes effect!
Enhancing Bloodline Limits and Bloodsouls
     - Discover Bloodsouls to reinforce your Bloodline Limits!
     - To learn more about Bloodsouls and how to get them, refer below.
Refer Below Link for more information:
     - Enhance Bloodline Limits with Bloodsouls and Pray

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