Pockie Ninja: Enhance Bloodline Limits with Bloodsouls and Pray

       Inherited Bloodline Limits can be activated through your Backpack window. A new Bloodline Limit icon will appear in your character's portrait. Click to open the Bloodline Limit Window similar to the screenshot below.

Important Note:
     The guide below can also be applied to Pockie Ninja's (PN II Upgrade). All Main Functions can still be found and are still working.

- Activating Bloodline Limits -
       Before you can enhance anything, you need to inherit Bloodline Limits first.
     - Refer here if you don't have one yet: Pockie Ninja: How to Learn Bloodline Limit
     - Bloodline Limits must also be activated first before it's attributes takes effect!
     - Choose up to 3 Bloodline Limit.
     - Bloodline Limit can enhance player's ability via Bloodsoul's Soulbound.

     - Warning! Excessive Bloodline Limit can be forgotten. You need to interact with NPC again
to inherit the Bloodline Limit after forgetting.

- Bloodsouls -

     - Click on Soul button to start discovering!
     - Bloodsoul will enhance your power after bound to the Bloodline Limit.
     - There's a level restriction for binding Bloodsoul.

Dicover Bloodsoul
     - You can discover Bloodsoul for free several times a day.
     - You can also choose to discover using Discover Talisman or Gold.
     - The interface will just show 3 slots for Bloodsouls but you can actually discover more!
     - Discover has CD (Cooldown) time.
     - Click on the Bloodsoul and select Soulbound to bound it to your Bloodline Limit.
     - Warning! bound Bloodsouls can't be taken back unless you have Soulsplit Blade!

     - You can also get Bloodsouls at the Ninja Trial.
     - Refer here to learn more: Ninja's Trial 3 vs 3 Team Fight

Removing Bloodsouls
     - Bloodsoul can be removed after being bound by using Soulsplit Blade to take it back.
     - On the other hand, Bloodsouls will disappear after being cleared!

Refine Bloodsoul
     - There are various types of Bloodsoul with different attributes.
     - Bloodsoul can be converted to another type after refining.
     - Requires Soul-Refining Talisman.

Synthesize Bloodsoul
     - Three identical Bloodsoul can be synthesized into a Bloodsoul of higher level. If there's one
Bloodsoul that is different from the other two, a random Bloodsoul will be synthesized.
     - Bloodsoul has 7 levels. Higher level has higher requirement for Bloodline Limit.
     - Requires a number stones

- Pray -

     - Pray will enhance attributes. Click on Pray button to start.
     - Choose a Bloodline Limit you want to pray by selecting the attribute of Pray from the
drop-down menu.
     - Select and put the Bloodsoul in the slot for Pray.
     - Different types of Bloodsoul can be used to pray for specific attribute.
     - Warning! The Bloodsoul used will disappear after clicking the Pray button!
     - Click on Pray to begin the process.

     - Fill the Pray EXP bar to finish the process.
     - Pray EXP will increase according to the Bloodsoul used for praying.
     - Try to finish the Pray EXP bar for the attribute you chose first before selecting other
attributes. Warning! The EXP bar will empty out if you selected a new attribute!
     - Every Bloodline Limit has a level cap for Pray.

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