MapleStory Adventures: Dungeons and Rare/Legendary Gears

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       They were sealed away deep beneath Maple World, where no one could find them.
However, Cygnus recently sensed the Black Mage's power growing there. Cygnus calls upon you to investigate the Dungeons!
- Dungeons -

Wasteland of Souls
     - Located South of Kerning City
     - Boss: Papa Pixie
     - Required Level 10 (Recommended 13 to 17)
     - Requires 1000 Magic Stones to enter

The Forgotten Temple

     - Located in the Golem Temple Area - Ellinia
     - Boss: Ravana
     - Required Level 50 (Recommended 53 to 57)
     - Requires 5000 Magic Stones to enter

More Dungeons will Come!

- Tips, Tricks and Rules -

Where to Get Magic Stones
     - Monsters Drops
     - Redeeming Collections
     - Random rewards from Mystery and Treasure Boxes

     - To check how many Magic Stones you have left, go to your Stuff > Bag.

Tips and Rules
     - You must wait for the dungeon Cooldown timer before you can re-enter.
     - You have to defeat all monsters in the stage to open up the portal to the next stage!
     - TIP: Do not make shortcuts! always follow the path!

     - Some monsters are hiding at the back of the Treasure chests! Check them all out!
     - When fighting Boss monsters, use a single targeted skill for better damage output.
     - Before the engaging Boss monsters, gather your friends around the Boss monster before
hitting to concentrate a head on damage! Helpful when the monster loves to teleport!

Instance Dungeon Mission
     - These are rules that you need to consider while you are inside the dungeons.
     - Failed to do so will get you penalized! Here are some rules that you might encounter.

     - Clear Dungeon Under 5 Minutes! 
     - Before entering the dungeons, hire your strongest friends to increase your chance!

     - Clear Without Using Consumables!
     - I recommend that you fill up your energy bar about 150% or about twice the number of
your energy bar when full. You will find this helpful when you are fighting against Bosses!
     - Hire friends while you are inside the dungeon!

     - Clear Without Hiring Friends!
     - The rules says that you can't hire while you are inside the dungeon so hire before you enter!
     - Feel free to use your consumables!

     - Hunt All Bonus Monsters!
     - Easy! plus you can do anything you want inside the dungeon. Juts make sure to kill them all.

- Dungeon Results -

     - The highest Rank or Score that you can get is SSS.
     - To get SSS you have to fulfill some tasks.

     - Finish the dungeon as fast as possible!
     - Kill all Bonus Monsters
     - Avoid getting hits!
     - Dish out Critical Hits!
     - Let your friends kill monsters!
     - Do not Break the rule: Instance Dungeon Mission

- Dungeon Item Drops -

       You can get the below items from monsters and Boss monster drops inside the Dungeons.
After clearing the dungeon, you will be given a random reward after choosing a slot.

Poor Items
     - 2 Default Stats but with lower than it's Common item version.

Common Items
     - 2 Default Stats

Uncommon Items
     - 2 Default Stats but with higher than it's Common item version.

Rare Items
     - 2 Default Stats but with higher than it's Common item version.
     - +1 Random Stat

Legendary Items
     - 2 Default Stats but with higher than it's Common item version.
     - +2 Random Stats

Featured Stat: All Skill +1 or +2. Try to get this to get a huge boost to your skills!

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