Zombie Misfits - Nexon Korea Corporation's Online Game

Online Game: Zombie Misfits
- Publisher: Nexon Korea Corporation
- Facebook Game Application
- Action and Arcade / Platform-Side Scrolling / Tower Defense / Online Browser Based Game

       Refer below to learn more about Zombie Misfits' Gameplay and Battle Play Features.
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No Longer Available on Facebook
- Gameplay -

Zombie Misfits Facebook Game Description:
       Get ready for the happiest, goriest, most zombie-filled tower defense game to
ever hit Facebook! Zombie Misfits is an exciting new side-scrolling 2D arcade action tower defense game on Facebook. Battle hilarious zombies, manage your misfits, enlist your friends to defeat the dear departed!
    - Level up and unlock new Zones and Stage Levels.
    - Complete the Story Mode stages to get more Defenders to help you.
    - Earn Skill Points and use them to unlock more Weapons, Contraptions and Mods.
    - Learn to Craft Contraptions and Modify weapons or defenders for more damage output.

    - Play with friends and compete for the high scores!
    - Very Good Replay Value! You can play without energy or game time limitations!

- Battle Play -
       Zombie Misfits is a Tower Defense Game. Your job is to protect survivors from the zombie
onslaught. To do this, you'll need to place defenders on the map and they will kill zombies for you.

       Each zombie that reaches the hideout will consume one brain. Boss zombies will consume
three brains! Lose all survivors and it’s game over!

     - Defenders are your main Defensive force.
     - Each Defender will have a unique ability and stats. Place them where you think they will
be in a great advantage over your enemy zombies.

     - Contraptions and Weapons are your back up attacks. Most of them are so powerful that
can obliterate zombie hordes or hold off enemies to protect the survivors.

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