Monster Galaxy Celestial Festival Comes with a Super Spin!

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       The celestial dragons have descended from the stars to join us in the Celestial Festival!
They're led by a galactic dragon known as Archeon. Seek out dragons for prizes or try the Super Spin for a chance to claim all previous Galactic Mogas.
- Celestial Festival -

Celestial Festival Quest: Archaeon's Team
     - Cherubis - (Rare)
     - Basilisk - (Epic)
     - Archaeon - (Galactic)
Location: Randomly found anywhere. Just enter and exit any place till you find them. If you
can't find Archeon's Team, you might need to complete some earlier team fights (events) first.
Rewards: x3 Evolution Potion

Moga: Archaeon Zodiac: Scorpio
Class: Attacker
How to get Archaeon:
     - Moga Evolution:
     - Archaeon is a limited time Cash only Moga - (December 2011).
     - Archaeon evolves from Basilisk (Cash Only Moga).
     - Basilisk evolves from Cherubis (Cash Only Moga).


Celestial Festival Quests -

Visit the Mayor
     - Go to Windhym Town Square

Celestial Coats
     - Go to Spiral Path

Find the Wool
     - The riddle is talking about Woolf. Find and capture Woolf at the Spiral Path to get a wool.

Festival Trees
     - Go to Lombard's Rafting Inc.

Find the Trees
     - Go to Madbeetch Rapids or Madbeetch River and defeat Shadowstar's team.

Festival Lights
     - Go to Shellstone Lighthouse

Capture a Yeti
     - Find and capture Bureti at the Shellstone Lighthouse.

The Yeti Pack
     - The riddle leads you to Cydonia Castle! Go there and defeat 5 Buretis to get Festival Lights.

Find the Mayor
     - "What would you pull out of a lion's paw?" The answer is: Thorn. Go to Thornwood!

The Cryptographer
     - Go to Heavenly Greens Cemetery and defeat Poe's team to save the mayor.

- Super Spin -

       If you are a Moga Cash (real cash) user, then this feature will give you more spin!
     - For 50 Moga Cash, spin and get a chance to tame previous Galactic Mogas!

     - Refer here for a list of Galactic Mogas: Monster Galaxy Galactic Mogas

     - Note that Galactic Mogas are so powerful that no star seed can tame them. The only way
to get them  is through the Sky Shop.

Super Spin Moga List NEW!

     - Valgore
     - Dead heat
     - Flam

     - Zerk
     - Basant
     - Knives

     - Gravedigger
     - Frostfang
     - Saphirz

     - Soulcleaver
     - Reaper
     - Grimmace

     - Archaeon
     - Basilisk
     - Cherubis

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