Pockie Ninja Beginner's Guide

       Here is a small list of information to help Pockie Ninja's first time players. Refer here for your gaming needs. Guide will cover character creation, village hidden bonuses and skills. Extended tutorial to help player's finish their tutorial quests.

Important Note:
     The guide below can also be applied to Pockie Ninja's (Pockie Ninja II Upgrade). All Main
Functions can still be found and are still working. Happy Playing!

- Create your Pockie Ninja -

Villages will give you additional bonuses:
     - Name of skill: (Element of your Village) Release
     - Basic (element of your village) skill, passively increases (element of your village)
skill effects when learned. I think this refers to the heightened activation rates of skills in the chosen element.

     - You can check this in your skill list while in battle.

       In case that you are not sure what to pick, it is recommended to familiarize yourself first by choosing earlier servers (1~5) and practice. Go to your desired server after knowing what you want.
     - Click here for Complete List of Character Outfits
     - Refer here for Character and Skill Builds

- Extended Tutorial -

       After the basic tutorial, go to your Quest Navigation Window "refer to the screenshot above" and accept all quests available. This is the easiest way to navigate around your quests.
     - Click on "Acceptable quests " Tab and click Teleport to jump directly to the NPC.
     - Click Quests on the pop-up window then refer below.

     - [Not turned in] - quests that can be accepted.
     - [Accept] - quests that can be accepted.
     - [Continue] - more info about the quest.
     - [Converse] - talk to the NPC
     - [Incomplete] - quests that are in progress.
     - [Can turn in] - completed quests that you can turn in to claim rewards.

     - Repeat steps above until you have no more quests left to be accepted.

       Go to your "Quest accepted" Tab and complete all the quests asked. I recommend that you first do all possible non-battle quests to make things easier. Do all similar battle quests simultaneously to complete them faster.

       As you level up, you will gain 1 random skill that you can equip through the skills icon located at the bottom of your game screen.
       New quests will become available after every levels, so accept them all again.

Notable Quests that you might have problem with: 

     - [Tutorial] Purchase Carrier
     - To open the Purchase Carrier, Locate your HP (color red) bar located at the upper
left corner of your game screen. Notice that there is a small (color black) square just after the red bar. Click on that and click on "Buy". Choose the "Used Gift Coupon to pay" and click "OK".

     - [Tutorial] Search the Secret
     - Go to Windscent Pass. To search for the Exploration Zone, look for the object that
is shining or blinking. Click on the object to open the Exploration Zone.

     - [Tutorial] Gift Box
     - The gift box is located at the upper left corner of your game screen. a chest like icon.

     - [Tutorial] Claim Bounty | Accepted
     - Go to your village and find the Quests Building (Bounty Quest).
     - Choose Claim Bounty Quests
     - A list of quests can be accepted but look for an easy quest for now.
     - A quest that requests you to talk to an NPC is an easy one.

     - [Tutorial] Mall Item | Accepted
     - Go to the Item Mall (lower right corner of your game screen).
     - Buy an item that you want. How about a Pet Egg?
     - Choose Gift Coupon when Purchasing.

- Pockie Ninja Passive & Active Skills -

       You can get your first random passive skill at level 10. There are 10 passive skills available and you can get more after reaching certain levels. Passive skills affect all the skills that are directly below them.

Passive Skills Available:
     - Fire, Water, Earth, Lightning and Wind Releases
     - Body Technique, Ninja Tool, Sealing Technique, Illusionary Technique and Healing Jutsus.

     - Each outfit (character) has their own passive skills too.
     - You can check each outfit's passive skill by hovering your mouse over the item.
     - or refer here for Pockie Ninja: Complete List of Character Outfits

       Choose skills that works together. Experiment and test skills that you think that will compliment your build. At early game, building specific builds is harder since you have little skills available. Just go on leveling to gain more skills.

       A reset button is available to reshuffle your skills but it is not recommended at early levels. Wait until you  are at least level 30+ or 40+. Only hit the reset button if you want to change your passive skills and only use it when you have at least 3 passive skills for better results.