Pockie Ninja - NGames' Online Game

Online Game: Pockie Ninja
- Publisher: NGames
- Facebook Game Application
- Role Playing Game / Anime Based / Ninja Based / Online Browser Based Social Game

       Refer below to learn more about Pockie Ninja's Gameplay and Battle Play Features.
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- Gameplay -
       Pockie Ninja is an anime based online browser game available on Facebook.

       Based on the most popular anime series - Naruto, Bleach, the newly added One Piece
and Fairy Tail characters!. Pockie Ninja launched with their "one character - multi classes" feature where players will be able to play different any character under a single name and game account.

       Choose a village to represent and complete series of quests to start learning the ways of
the ninja world. Explore more cunning places to accomplish more challenging tasks for greater rewards.

       Collect required items, equipments and outfits to synthesize your favorite outfits
(characters) and build your own unique set of skills and equipments. Test your tactics and battle skills by joining the game's Arenas, World Tournaments and National Leagues.

       - Pockie Ninja Battle Play and Trailer -

       Pockie Ninja's battle play is a versus mode, 1 on 1 fight battle. All participating characters are uncontrollable and all skills are triggered by chances (luck based percentages).        The outcome of the battle is based from your Elemental Village, Outfit, Equipments, Skill Sets, Pet and Character level. Luck really plays a big role here as well.        Equip any outfit (character) to change your main character to suit your battle style. Outfits have their own set of attributes, skills and equipments to support your needs at certain events. ______________________________________________________________________
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