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       Here is a list of Tips and Tricks for Monster Hero. Feel free to add yours to help other players fulfill their stories. Good luck!

Stats Allocation
     - Put points on Energy and Stamina for more Actions and Battles. More actions
and battles gives more experience, thus more stats to allocate and more play time.
Energy should be your first priority.
     - Recommended Stats Allocation: NEW!
     - 1 Stamina for every 2 points of Energy.
     - After reaching 100 to 200 Stamina and Energy do the following:
     - Start Pumping Attack if you can aim well.
     - Start Pumping Defense if you are having a hard time aiming.

     - To add stats, go to View Stats > Stats
       Energy - Required for clearing obstructions and puzzle fights.
       Stamina - Required for battling Monster Bosses, Bandits and for PVP participation.
       Attack - More damage - good for PVP.
       Defense - Less damage taken - good for PVP .

     - All monsters can grow and will eventually evolve! (Exp based).
     - Start and only use your favorite monster to get an evolved monster early game.

     - Each monster has their own bonuses, resistances and special attacks!
     - Special attacks can be activated by clicking anywhere on the screen when
your projectile is in flight or mid air.
     - Each monster has it's own default aim position.

How to Obtain New Monsters
     - Capturing wild monsters with friends.
     - Daily Shops and Travelling Merchants 
     - By purchasing monsters (Monster Cash).
     - Through Alchemy (event based) - the materials can be gathered from
friends (gifts). You can view all recipes by clicking the Book at the Alchemy Page.
     - Achievement Rewards - NEW!
     - Use any starter monster you have and gain 500 stars by completing puzzle
stages. When you reach the Pathfinder Rank 8, get your Crynomite Monster and use it as your main ally. Crynomite can dominate puzzle stages with it's Special Attack - Bomb Shot.

Equipments and Monster Color Codes
     - White - Common - no stat bonuses
     - Green - Uncommon - 1 stat bonus
     - Blue - Rare - 2 stat bonuses
     - Purple - Epic - 3 stat bonuses

     - Earn your cash and start buying Purple or Epic Equipments from Shops after reaching Lvl 50+.
     - Choose Epic Items that will enhance your character and your monster's stats.
     - Try to find an Epic Item with "+ chance to land a critical hit" with good bonus. 

- Battles -

     - It is recommended to zoom out your view first before launching an attack. This way you can have a better precision and easier time adjusting your aims.

     - Always remember your last aim position.
     - One good way to easily remember and adjust your aim position is by using
the letters below your standing point.
     - Drag your mouse into any letters like: "C-U-R-R-E-N-T  S-H-O-T". Not all
aim positions will work though like straight shots, but it's a start.

When Fighting Big Monster Bosses
     - Invite many friends as much as possible to help you defeat big monsters.
     - Hit the birds carrying bonus attacks to increase your damages.
     - Don't forget to Save before Exiting the battle.
     - You must defeat them before the time limit runs out.

- Rewards -

     - To get 3 stars, complete the level using 1, 2 or 3 shots. The number of
shots depends on the level requirement.
     - Break obstacles like glasses and woods to increase your total points. This will
also increase your chance getting 3 stars in a single level.

Equipments can be found by:
     - Opening treasure chests
     - Purchasing them through Daily Shops and Travelling Merchants
     - Clearing Obstacles (Special Stages - Ancient Portals)
     - Clearing Boss Fights - Lucky if you can get the Epic Items
     - Alchemy - the materials can be gathered from friends (gifts).
     - Giving gifts.

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