Monster Galaxy Sunshire Map Quests Guide

       Here is a list of all Monster Galaxy Quests that you can find at Sunshire Map. Refer here for help and guide. Don't worry, this guide is spoiler free. If you find any quest below that has been changed without game's news update, please share your info here. Thanks.

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- Sunshire Map Quests -

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     Quest Title - Place to activate quest
          - Quest information and guide.

Find Nova - Tutorial
     - Go to East Summer Road.

Capture Befee - East Summer Road
     - Go to West Summer Road and capture a Befee.
     - Befee is a Training Moga with 100% maximum capture rate.

Help Out - West Summer Road
     - Go to Summer Field.

Get Gertrude's Chocolates - Summer Field
     - Hunt Wasabee at Warmwood Trail.
     - Game Update - You will no longer have to hunt 5 Wasabees, just one.

Defeat Owlreed - Warmwood Trail
     - Hunt Owlreed at Shadowmire Edge.

Find the Soldier - Shadowmire Edge
     - Go to Darkwood Vault.

Care Package - Miasma Depths
     - Travel to Windhym and go to Gertrude's House.
     - You don't have to go right away. Take your time.

Kill 5 Trolos - Darkwood Vault
     - Hunt 5 Trolos between Miasma Depths and Darkwood Vault.

Find the Shady Tamer - After Kill 5 Trolos Quest
     - Travel to Trollworthy Bridge.

Light Shellstone Lighthouse - Shellstone Lighthouse
     - Hunt Twisters until they drop a Starlight.
     - They can be found between Sandswirl Shrubwalk and Sandswirl Tidal Pool.

Purple Pincers - Swirly Pier
     - Collect 25 Purple Pincers by hunting Crabaos and Yaras.
     - They can be found from Sandswirl Beach onwards.
     - Avoid entering Swirly Pier until you complete the quest to avoid quest errors.

Defeat Sheepguy - Spiral Path
     - Defeat Munyu.

Incriminating Photos - Spiral Path
     - Defeat Woolfs at the Spiral Cave.

Poetry in Motion - Heavenly Greens Cemetery
     - You must defeat Winja at Thornwood to gain passage.
     - Winja is an Epic Moga with 9% Capture rate.
     - This is your chance to capture this Moga if you really want one.

Windhym Welcome - Gates of Wyndhym
     - Go to Wyndhym Town Square.

Find CORTEX - Wyndhym Town Square
     - Cortex can be found at Cortex Shell at the Publonia Map.

The Meaning of Friendship - Gertrude's House
     - Bring Lyle a crystal from the cave for Gertrude.
     - Go back to the Spiral Cave and defeat a Lvl 8 Nar.
     - Where is Lyle? (More info here soon).

Brunos Beast - Windhym Southshire
     - You must capture Paul on the Southshire Bridge.
     - Paul is a Rare Moga with 29% capture rate.

Defeat Leonard - Madbeetch Rapids
     - Defeat him at Madbeetch Rapids.

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