Monster Galaxy Pueblonia Map Quests Guide

       Here is a list of all Monster Galaxy Quests that you can find at Sunshire Map. Refer here for help and guide. Don't worry this, guide is spoiler free. If you find any quest below that has been changed without game's news update, please share your info here. Thanks.

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     Quest Title - Place to activate quest
          - Quest information and guide.

Find Bruno - Titans Staircase
     - Look for Bruno at Otto's House.
     - Otto's House can be found at the Publonia Map.

Save Bruno - Otto's House
     - Hunt an Electrotter at Electrotter Sound.

Find Sandman - Electrotter Sound
     - Sandman can be found at Fingerland Point.

Defeat Sandman - Fingerland Point
     - Beat Sandman.

Family Jewels - Fingerland Point
     - Defeat Mogas between Portal o' Ruins and Sitnalta Field and retrieve 3 Family Jewels.
     - Ikkis drop them more often.

Souper Saver - Fingerland Point
     - Defeat Mogas between Sitnatla Plaza and Biting Coast.

Capture Chamepo - Surf City
     - Capture a Chamepo at Talonsweep Point.
     - Chamepo is a Common Moga with 59% Capture rate.

Capture Hammerdog - Surf City
     - Capture a Hammerdog at Biting Coast.
     - Hammerdog is an Uncommon Moga with 39% Capture rate.

The Princess and the Purse - Rouges Rendezvous
     - Go to Sandsink and defeat any Moga.

Find the Thief - Sandsink
     - Go to Rouges Rendezvous. 
     - Coyotl is an Epic Moga with 9% Capture rate. 
     - This Moga is commonly seen around this place so it's OK to let this chance go.

Lost Treasure - Rouges Rendezvous
     - Defeat Mogas between Rogues Rendezvous and Sandtown for a treasure chest.

Save the Kitty - Sandtown
     - Go to Lobster Tornado and defeat any Moga.

The First Guard - Pueblonia City Gates
     - Defeat the guard at Parapets Dawn.

The Second Guard - Parapets Dawn
     - Defeat the guard at Prince's Patch.

Defeat the Sultan - Prince's Patch
     - Go to the Royal Battledome.

Impress the Tough Guys - Dungeness Dock
     - Win a battle at the Dungeness Dock.

Crab Dinner - Dungeness Dock
     - Defeat five Mogas at Dungeness Dock.

Dungeness Showdown - Dungeness Dock
     - Capture Azurel at Dungeness Dock. 
     - Azurel is a Beyond Epic Moga with 4% capture rate. 

Brain Candy - Swirly Dump
     - Get candy bars by fighting Mogas between Pueblonia City Gates and Super Bazaar. 
     - This might take a while to complete. Just continue defeating Mogas.

Bog Cleanup - Marshamarsha Marsh
      - Capture Shen at Rankwallow. 
      - Shen is an Epic Moga with 9% capture rate.

Talk to Pierce - Rankwallow
     - Go to Lazuli Grove.

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