Ninja Warz Karma Quiz - New Karma Source

       Check your Facebook Wall for Ninja Warz Karma Quizes and grab the chance to be one of the first 5 players to claim 15, 20, 35 or more Karmas for your clan. Just answer the question and enter your best answer at the comment section below it. All questions are based from in-game item's names like weapons, relics, and magic.
       What do you think is the answer for the above question? Air Bending maybe? 
Hint: Wind and Magic Power. 
     - Do not ignore the Karma Quiz even if you see 1000 comments because most of it are just spams. Try to answer them still.
     - Read some comments to get ideas. They might have a good answer but not the best answer.
     - If you have a flooded wall, check the wall of Ninja Warz instead.