ISEKAI:Demon Waifu - How To Play on PC with Android Emulator

ISEKAI:Demon Waifu is an anime RPG simulation mobile game that follows the story of a middle-aged corporate worker who was suddenly yanked into another world ("isekai") to become the most powerful person that would save the entire demon race from the prejudice of the crusaders – The Demon Prince!

   - Presented by TAPZEN PTE. LTD. Available to download from the App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android).
ISEKAI:Demon Waifu - How To Play on PC with Android Emulator

Satisfy Your Demon's Appetite!

Everyone knows the story of the Demon’s Folly.
The story of how the Demon Race thirsted for the dominion and destruction of the others, of how the human, elven, humanoid, and spirit races banded together to repel and overcome Evil.
Since then, the Demon Race has struggled on the brink of extinction as the Coalition Crusaders persecuted the surviving Demons.
But is that the only story?
Were the Demons as Evil as they said? Is the Coalition truly Just?
As an otherworlder, come uncover the truth behind the Legends. Will you be a benevolent Demon Prince or will you live up to the demons of lore?

Hot to Play ISEKAI:Demon Waifu on Bluestacks

What is Bluestacks?

   - Bluestacks is a gaming platform for emulating Android games on your PC or Laptop, changing how you play mobile games. With Bluestacks, playing Android games will take you to another level because you can now use the flexibility of your keyboard and mouse to give you full control of your game, regardless which gaming genre you are playing!
ISEKAI:Demon Waifu Gameplay 1
   - It is also a popular method to get more play time and enjoy the game with wider screen, better graphics, smoother gameplay, and no battery problems.

Step 1: Download and Install Bluestacks

   - Join over 500+ million people playing their favorite mobile games on their PCs and Macs on the world’s most popular Android Gaming Platform – Bluestacks.
   - Download and Install this android gaming platform on your PC first:
Download Bluestacks
Download Bluestacks Gaming Platform
(Click image above to download and install the latest version of Bluestacks
from their official website)

Step 2: Download ISEKAI:Demon Waifu on PC

   - Next, just click the Game Icon below to redirect you to the official download page.
   - Click the "Already using BlueStacks? Open Now" option, then click "Open BlueStacksin the browser popup to directly install the game to your Bluestacks ~ easy!
Click Game Icon Above To Do Easy Install To Bluestacks
(*NOTE: Select "Already using BlueStacks? Open Now" to avoid re-downloading Bluestacks.)

ISEKAI:Demon Waifu Gameplay 2

Step 3: Key Mapping (Bluestacks Hotkeys)

Set Up Your Custom Key Map

   - Play your favorite android games on PC, just the way you like – with your keyboard and mouse, or gamepad. Note that some games will come with a default key map, but you can customize them anytime by selecting the "Advanced Game Controls" option.
Bluestacks Key Map Controls
   - Open the "Advanced Game Controls UI" (keyboard icon, right side area of your Bluestacks window) anytime while playing to set Hotkeys for your game.
   - TIP: If your hotkeys aren't working, try to close the Game Controls UI, minimize your Bluestacks window then bring it back up again ~ hopefully this would fix the problem.
   - NOTE: Some games will get a default key map, try to use any keyboard keys to check.

   - If you need help on how to set up your hotkeys, kindly refer to their support page (choose your current version of Bluestacks installed then browse their "Getting Started" or "FAQs" section):

Step 4: Link or Transfer Your Game!

   - If you have an existing game from your phone or tablet, make sure that it is properly linked to your account first to back up your data and play your game on multiple devices like using PC and Bluestacks.
   - Go to the in-game Settings and Connect or Link your Game to any social media or game account (if available).
ISEKAI:Demon Waifu Gameplay 3

FAQs and Troubleshooting Tips:

   - Note: Before anything else, make sure that you have the latest version of Bluestacks, check their website for a newer version.
Download Bluestacks Gaming Platform
 (Download and update your Bluestacks to support new Android Games.)

Gameplay is Slow or Laggy?

Quick Tips To Try

   - Go to Settings and try to reduce the Resolution to 1280x720 and DPI to 240.
   - Try to switch between OpenGL or DirectX (Graphics Modes).
   - Also try to increase the number of CPU cores and Memory (MB) for smoother gameplay.

   - Open the game app and adjust the Graphics Settings in-game (if available).
   - NOTE: Worst case scenario is that your PC or Laptop's hardware specs can't properly run Bluestacks.

Example PC Specs

Example Recommendations

   - OS: Windows 7 64-Bit (x64) or higher (would recommend Windows 10 64-Bit). This would remove the RAM cap and enable you to use over 3.5GB of RAM.
   - 8GB RAM
   - Disk Space must not be full, free up at least 20% or 1/3 of total space (at least 40GB).

   - NOTE: Please ensure Virtualization is Enabled on your PC/Laptop.
   - For more detailed info regarding Bluestacks' System Requirements, refer to the link below (choose your current version of Bluestacks installed then browse their "Getting Started" and "FAQs" section):
   - BlueStacks Support Page

If You Need Help For Other Things

   - Check the "Support" links under Bluestack's "Settings Menu > About" to check their support section and support email.
   - You can also check their support page for more information here: Bluestacks Support Page

That's it guys, thank you for checking our How To Play on PC or Laptop with Bluestacks for the anime RPG simulation mobile game - ISEKAI:Demon Waifu. Good Luck and Happy Playing! ^^