Magic Battleground: Survivor Duel io - Beginner's Tips and Guide

Here's a guide and tips for beginners in the Arcade and Action MOBA io mobile game - Magic Battleground: Survivor Duel io.

Refer below to learn the basics and mechanics of the game like how to get more heroes for merging, funds to buy more heroes, Diamonds for upgrading, and more.

Select your Hero and challenge other players in different battle modes!
Magic Battleground: Survivor Duel io - Tips and Guide

Rewards and Other Freebies

Completion Rewards

   - Sign in everyday to get various rewards.
   - Quests and Daily Quests:  Complete them as you go for more freebies,
   - Ranks: Unlock Heroes and do Battles to increase your Rank.

   - Wings: Watch video ads and login everyday to claim these Wings. Equip Wings that gives "Combat Income" for Battle Modes, and Wings that gives "Offline Income" before going offline to get more bonuses.

Beginner's FAQs and Tips

Always Spend All Funds!

   - Keep buying Heroes, just use the featured ones (the game will auto calculate cheap Heroes for you). Do this before getting Income+ Buffs to maximize it's effects.
   - If you are lucky, you can trigger "Free Upgrades" after buying a Hero.
Magic Battleground: Survivor Duel io - Free Upgrade

Merge Heroes

   - Merge 2 similar Heroes to get a higher Lvl Hero.
Magic Battleground: Survivor Duel io - Merge Heroes
   - Arrange Heroes from highest to lowest Lvl for easy merging.
   - NOTE: If you have a Hero with lower Lvl than those free ones every 20 seconds, better find and buy that Hero from the Shop to merge and clear some space.

How To Get More Heroes?

   - You'll get 1 free Hero every 20 seconds.
   - Buy from Shop using Funds: You can also watch a video ad to claim FREE heroes.
   - Capsule (depends per capsule) or Wheel (random): Watch video ads to get free rolls.
   - Airdrop Package: Get free Heroes (random).

How To Get More Funds?

   - Heroes will generate Funds every 5 seconds: Higher Lvl Heroes will give more, just merge all that you can, no need to fill up all space.
   - Do Battles: Watch a video ad to increase rewards.
   - Complete Daily Quest (reward).
   - Increase Account Lvl (reward).
   - Offline Income: Watch a video ad to increase rewards once you login.
   - Acceleration Feature: Click/Tap your Funds icon (top area) to open this option.
Magic Battleground: Survivor Duel io - Acceleration
   - Income+ Buffs (Temporary): Get from Wheel (limited and random), Airdrop Package (random).
   - Income+ Buffs (Permanent): Go to Shop > Privilege and upgrade "Income Increase" using Diamonds.
   - Time Shop: Requires Diamonds (optional to speed up progress), better at higher Lvls (late game).

Best Ways To Spend Diamonds

   - Shop > Privilege Upgrades: Buy all "Income Increase" upgrades first, then "Hero Discount".
   - Time Shop: This is better during late game, once you are done with all basic upgrades.
   - Wheel Upgrade: Upgrades are only good within the day, it will reset to 1.0 after server reset!

How To Get More Diamonds?

   - TIP: There is no option to buy Diamonds in this game, so watch video ads (if available) every time you get Diamonds as reward to get more.

   - Get from various Daily Quests and Achievement rewards.
   - Increase Account Lvl (reward).
   - Merge New HeroesTIP: Watching ads here would give you lots of Diamonds especially at higher Lvls, however if there are no ads to view, it's better to avoid merging new Heroes for now until you can view ads again.
   - Do Battles.
   - Buff Potion: Aside from the extra Buff, you can also get Diamonds here.
   - Wheel (random reward).

Battle Modes: Tips and Guide

Basics and Battle Tips

What To Do Early On?

   - Press and Hold to Move (avoid enemies for now) and Charge. Do this early on to increase damage and intimidate enemies once you are big enough!

   - Keep moving and attack enemies at melee range, try to push them to the lava if you can, then spam range attacks to keep them in the lava area.
   - TIP: Once you see the ground breaking (red areas) move out quickly but watch out for enemies that are still in those areas, hit them to push them farther. If done right, they will take more damage once the lava kicks in!

   - Get Buff (While Battling): Get Health Buff to heal up, Sword Buff to increase Attack, and Flying Buff to increase speed.
   - Keep Your Health High: Most of the time, the player with the lowest HP will get targeted first, so be careful!

Basic Things To Avoid

   - Avoid Lava: Use your Teleport (swipe) to move to a safe place. Also avoid "red areas" (ground turning to lava) and "blue areas" because it can still hurt your Hero until the ground is fully restored.
   - Avoid Heavy Fire: Be careful when moving towards crowded areas, unless you can get kills to heal up lost health.
   - Avoid Nukes: Anticipate enemy movement and learn their attack pattern. Move or use your Teleport to dodge high damage attacks.

Get Kills To Grow Stronger

Magic Battleground: Survivor Duel io - Get Kills
   - Try to charge up and release your attack once you see dying enemies, to nuke them out before someone else does! Note that some Heroes will get different attack pattern and also depending on how long you charged your Magic Balls.

   - Notable Benefits of Getting Kills:
   - Able to Heal up and Faster Charging!

Battle Mode: Ranked Match

   - Energy: Battles requires Energy, replenishes over time or view some video ads to gain more.
   - Rankings Rewards (Quest) - Unlock new Heroes and play to increase your Rank and claim rewards.
   - Wings: Equip Wings that gives "Combat Income" to get more rewards per battle.

Choose Your Hero

   - Choose a Hero that suits your playing style, you don't need to always choose the highest Lvl Hero available but still consider their bonus stats.
   - Example: Other players prefer Heroes with wider magic balls and attacks to easily hit moving targets, dying targets and grouped enemies (even better if it's easy to use during 1 vs 1).

Battle Mode: Endless

   - Unlocks at Lvl 8.
   - Doesn't require Energy but requires Tickets to play.
   - Watch video ads to revive (up to 3 times). The game would sometimes force you to use another Hero which could affect your performance (depends on chosen Hero).

   - Number of Kills = Number of Diamonds as rewards (100 Max Diamonds), so use your best Hero that can help you get easy kills.
   - Example: Other players prefer Heroes with wider magic balls and attacks to easily hit moving targets, dying targets and grouped enemies.
   - TIP: When your Hero is big enough, you can spam your attacks (quick charge) to keep on getting easy kills!

Battle Mode: Challenges

   - Unlocks at Lvl 12.
   - Get 1st place to advance to the next round. Challenge refreshes daily at server reset (0:00). If you lose a round, you need to start over.
   - Potion Buffs: This is a good time to use your Buffs, to gain extra stats in your next battle.
   - Good Luck! ^^

That's it guys, thank you for checking our Beginner's Tips and Guide for the arcade and action MOBA io mobile game - Magic Battleground: Survivor Duel io.