Merge Flowers vs. Zombies: Best Flowers to Buy and Formation Tips

Here's some tips and guide on how to buy and merge the best Flowers for your Coins. Also refer to the suggested flower placements or formations below to learn which tiles are the best for your high Lvl Flowers.

Merge Flowers vs. Zombies is a casual idle merger mobile game app presented by Tycoon Games. Zombies are coming, are you ready to fight?

Which Flowers to Buy?

   - First, I won't recommend using the "Buy Featured Flower" option below your lawn, go to the SHOP instead and pick the best flowers yourself to efficiently use your Coins, and to reduce clicks or taps (lots of merges just to get 1 high Lvl flower, but you can actually sometimes just buy that same high Lvl flower instead with almost the same total amount of Coins).
Merge Flowers vs. Zombies: Tips and Guide

Early Game

   - If you are playing from the start, only buy Lvl 1 Flowers until you are able to merge 2 Lvl 6 Flowers to a Lvl 7 Flower, then proceed to the guide below.
   - This is also where the video ads to get free Flowers from the SHOP starts to show up.

Unlock all Tiles

   - Unlock cheapest first to expand space, just unlock as you go.
   - Keep merging, even if you end up having only few Flowers.

Best Flowers to Buy with Coins

Focus on Top 3 Flowers That You Can Buy with Coins

   - Just top 3 to make things easier.
   - Do not include Gem only Flowers, just continue and until you can buy them with Coins.
Merge Flowers vs. Zombies Best Flower to Buy
   - Example: The highest Flower that you can buy with Coins is a Lvl 6 Flower (take note of the price, for the example above, it's 131,000). Always use your highest one as your base.

   - Next, check your Lvl 5 Flower's price and multiply it to 2, round it up or down to make things easier to calculate (so 50,000 x2 = 100,000). If the result is significantly lower than the price of Lvl 6 Flower, BUY 1, but if it's higher or close, do not buy.
   - Note: Check again if you can buy more.

   - Next, check your Lvl 4 Flower's price and multiply it to 4, round it up or down to make things easier to calculate (so 20,000 x4 = 80,000). If the result is significantly lower than the price of Lvl 6 Flower, BUY 1, but if it's higher or close, do not buy.
   - Note: Check again if you can buy more.

   - That's it, but if both prices above are higher, this is the best time to buy a Lvl 6 Flower (highest Flower that you can buy with Coins), then run the above conditions again if you can buy more.
   - Follow the pattern and just focus on your top 3 Flowers as you progress and unlock more.

Additional Notes:

   - Things will go easier as you progress higher because of the higher prices of flowers.
   - Unlocking new Flowers will also net you Coins and/or Gems, use those Coins to buy more.
   - Note: Watch some ads to get free high Lvl Flowers from the SHOP while doing the above buying guide, to advance faster.

   - Optional: You can push the above method and pattern 1 more step by multiplying the next lower Lvl Flower to 8, but that would take some time just to buy a Flower, and not ideal for other players.

Buy For Merging Low Lvl Flowers

Merge Flowers vs. Zombies: Buy Low Lvl Flower
   - Just in-case you still have a low Lvl Flower (lower than those "regular free potted plants") after unlocking a new high Lvl Flower. Buy that same low Lvl Flower from the SHOP and merge, instead of selling it.

Placements or Formations

Idle Formation

   - Here's an example idle formation for players that wants to focus more on merging flowers.
   - Ideally, place high Lvl Flowers on tiles where it can attack more zombies.
   - Refer to the example formation above (follow their Lvl for specific placements) and place your top 4 Flowers. Those 2 Flowers at the center area will likely get more attack opportunities.
   - Next, fill up the sides, follow their Lvl for specific placements.
   - Use the remaining 3 or 4 empty tiles for merging Flowers.

Progress Faster by Watching Videos

Watch Videos To Get Free Flowers

SHOP Bonus

   - Do this because you can get a fairly high Lvl Flower to help you speed things up a bit.

UAV Bonus

   - Watch a video to get free x4 Flowers, great while waiting for the above option.


   - Activate this if you want to farm faster Coins, but requires lots of viewing time.
   - Also used to defeat bosses. If you can reduce more than 50% of the Boss HP before it escapes, use ANGRY mode next time to complete the stage, move flowers that are not attacking if needed.

Best Way To Use Gems?

Lucky Spin

   - Use the free spins first for a chance to obtain Coins and free Flowers.
   - Also includes temporary buffs, like ANGRY Mode.
   - If you want to maximize the rewards of your free spins, refer to the tips below.

Using Gems to Spin!

   - Each Spin Requires 5 Gems, but it is not ideal to use this option early game. Wait until you are able to at least merge and unlock a Lvl 26+ Flower, because at this point, the Gem prices of high Lvl Flowers are way higher (160+ Gems, so 5 Gem spins looks interesting now right?).
Merge Flowers vs. Zombies: Best Way and Time To Use Gems - Tips

Tips For Using The Lucky Spin

   - To learn how to re-roll, or get the best rewards, refer to our separate guide here:
   - Merge Flowers vs. Zombies: Best Way and Time To Use Gems - Tips

Other Freebies

Daily Quests and Achievements

   - Complete Quests to receive some Coins and Gems.
   - Just go with the flow, your Achievements will eventually get completed as you go.

Offline Rewards

   - Your "Accumulated Bonus" while offline, watch a video ad to multiply your rewards.

Gold Membership

   - Join if you want and enjoy it's benefits while supporting the game developers, Good Luck!

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