BarbarQ: Dark Adventure FAQs, Tips, and Strategy Guides

Dark Adventure in the multiplayer online battle arena - mobile game BarbarQ is a survival game where the last man or team standing wins. You can team up with 1 of your friends, or just let the AI decide a random player for you to partner with.

Dark Adventure Rewards

Bet Gold To Win Roast Chickens
   - Depending on your placed bets and final Rank, you can win a number of Roast Chickens to be used for purchasing Pet Souls from the Roast Chicken Shop.

Roast Chicken Shop
   - This is where you can buy farmable Pets.
   - Earn and buy the other pets that you can use as Attendant Pets to your Main Pets.
   - If you don't like any of the current Pets here, wait for the next refresh, or just save your Roast Chickens for future updates.

Medals - Camper
   - Aim: Rank at top 3 (player not rank) with 0 Defeats and 0 Assists in Dark Adventure.
   - It's easier to do this by aiming to become Master Evil.
   - Tip: If your ally attacked an enemy, make sure that you get the last hit or else you'll get an Assist point instead.

Medals - Boxer
   - Aim: Die with 0 Defeats and 0 Assists in Dark Adventure.
   - This is the reason why some players are just standing doing nothing.
BarbarQ: Dark Adventure FAQs, Tips, and Strategy Guides

How To Level Up in Dark Adventure

If you are aiming for Master Evil to get top position ranks, or simply to level up fast and learn skills, then here's some tips that you can do:

Run or Move Fast
   - Yup, as soon as the battle starts quickly move and find ways to level up your character. Pick up some items too as you go around.
   - Optional: Go for characters that can move or run fast like Momolko.

Lurk Between the Safety Zone and the Danger Zone
   - You may also hide and collect points within the gray area of the map, because most of your opponents are probably fighting inside the safe zone.
   - Follow the safe zone icon (blue shield) once the darkness starts to move.

Pick Up Mushrooms
   - Unlike BarbarQ Arena, mushrooms here are pretty uncommon, but you can still find them:
   - around bushes or clouds.
   - break and gather from crates, pots, or boxes (commonly found inside houses).
   - or steal them from other players by defeating them.

Hit Treasure Chests
   - Just by hitting treasure chests, you can also level up your character, highly recommended during the early period of the battle to level up fast. Follow the Chest icons for directions, but watch out and don't get swallowed by the darkness.
   - Skip some items from chests if you need to go faster, you can steal them from other players anyway. Example: Chests that can be attacked, but you still need to go around a wall just to get the item.

Important Note
   - Overall performance will depend on player skill, but would still recommended leveling up your Barbarian Lvl first to increase chances of winning.

Recommended Skills To Learn?

Equip a Skill (1st Slot)
   - Get any skill you like before the battle, but would not recommend Magnet this time because it's almost useless.

Recommended Skills to Learn
   - Block, to counter attacks and skills, and especially against those Hammer throwers. This can also save you from bouncing hammers, lock down effects caused by combo attacks, and more.
   - Hook is one of my favorites because this skill alone can lock down a target, even better if they don't have a Block or Double Break skill to counter it.
   - Support Skills like Drumstick and it's upgrades, if you want to play support and have a reliable teammate.
   - Other than those, just learn any skills that is suitable to your character and play style.

Not Recommended Skills to Learn
   - Copied Item, since you can get lots of bags from chests anyway.
   - Support Skills like Drumstick and it's upgrades, if you play solo or your teammate isn't active and just wanna die alone.
   - Magnet

Which Pets to Get?

Any pet will actually do, but won't recommend pets that will give you some extra effects once your character dies ~XD.

HP Related Pets
   - Yes, any pets that can help you survive, especially from 1 on 1 battles, since this is the common scenario anyway.

   - Examples:
   - Dragon or Audience: Regenerates HP, good for hit and run style players.
   - Fish: Really good for 1 on 1 because it will give your opponent a hard time trying to kill you, just watch out for combos that can lock you down (counter with Block skill). Best if you can reach Master Evil to take advantage of it's increased HP.
   - Turlittle: Max HP increase as the battle goes, nice for survival mode.
   - Others: Sanyin, Octopus, Pumpkin, Rabbit, and many more.

Speed Related Pets
   - Preferably with abilities that can be activated without needing to fight someone.

   - Examples:
   - Farrari: Increases speed when not in fighting status, great for running around.
   - Others: Oriole and many more.

Points Related Pets
   - There are pets that can give you points overtime, and since mushrooms are not that common, these pets might actually be a good alternative.
   - Note thoroughly tested though, just a guess.

   - Examples:
   - Rigid, Slime, and Soccer for example.

Support Pets
   - Pets that is suitable to your play style as support unit, any will do.

Common Battle Tips and Tricks

Here's some basic tips and tricks that might help you survive, good luck!

Gather and Use Items
   - Hammers and Bombs are the most common that you'll encounter.
   - Bombs can be thrown across walls or obstacles.
   - Hammers are also great for areas with tight spaces, or lots of unbreakable objects like walls.
   - Drumsticks are pretty rare though but still good if you can hoard them.
   - Fire Arrows are pretty cool too if you can send one of your enemies towards the darkness!

   - Trigger traps to damage enemies, but watch out for them too.
   - If timed right, Honey Jars are great here to keep your enemies trapped!

   - You can hide inside those houses and empty chests, or lurk within those bushes or clouds.
   - Initiate surprise attacks from here, even better if you are near a platform switch for traps.
   - While in this areas, activate your Block skills once an enemy approaches you.

Recover Your HP Near Roast Chickens
BarbarQ Recover Your HP Near Roast Chickens
   - If you need to recover your HP, just approach these roast chickens.
   - It is also a good idea to consume them all so that your enemies can't recover, best if you have a pet or support unit that can help recover your HP.

Fool Your Enemies!
   - Just stand still and do nothing, then quickly attack once an enemy casually approaches you haha. This trick really works because they thought you got disconnected or just another suicidal guy doing the "Boxer" medal achievement.

Can I Revive a Teammate? How?

BarbarQ Revive Dead Teammates
Revive Dead Teammates
   - Maybe you've been wondering, how can we get "Defeats" if we only have 1 life per battle? Well, if you are dead, your teammate can actually come and revive you.
   - To revive, locate your teammate (green skull) then just stand near him or her and let the bar successfully fill up to it's max.
   - If your teammate got swallowed by the darkness, forget about it.

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